Eliot Marston

Eliot Marston

School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Acting Head of Research & Knowledge Transfer

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Research & Knowledge Transfer Office
College of Medical & Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Eliot is currently the Acting Head of R&KT for the College, overseeing the College’s entire research portfolio, responsible for managing teams including Research Development, Clinical Research Compliance, Strategic Projects & Commercial Engagement, and Postgraduate Training & Development, and also co-leads the Joint Research Office with the NHS alongside his equivalents in UHB and BCH through our Birmingham Health Partners collaboration.


He has worked for the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office in the College of Medical & Dental Sciences not only as a general Research Officer, but moving into more strategic roles such as the Bupa Translational Research Manager overseeing the cross-University Centre for Obesity Research, Senior Research Facilitator for the School of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, and Deputy Head of R&KT.


  • 2007 – Medici Technology Transfer Fellowship
  • 2006 - PhD Cancer (“The pathophysiology of the DNA damage response in paediatric B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.”), University of Birmingham
  • 2003 – MSc (Hons) MRes in Molecular and Cellular Immunology & Oncology, University of Birmingham
  • 2001 - BSc Genetics, University of Nottingham


A scientist by training (with a degree in Genetics, a Research Masters in Immunology & Oncology and a PhD in childhood leukaemia research, as well as a Medici Fellowship in the commercial application of scientific research), Eliot currently uses the skills honed in those roles to support academics with research development and management.

He has worked in the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office since 2006, in a variety of roles focused on the hands-on side of research support, with a focus on research application development, funding opportunity identification and strategic planning.

Eliot has a particular passion for public engagement and helping to define and develop research impact, and works across the University to help further develop our infrastructure for this crucial area.


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