Miss Federica Cuozzo MSc

Federica Cuozzo

Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research
Research Associate/PhD student

Federica is a research associate and PhD student in Professor Hodson’s Islet Biology lab. Her research mainly revolves around the investigation of the effect of PHD3 on glucose homeostasis in pancreatic β-cells.

The title of her PhD thesis is 'Investigating the role of surface and intracellular proteins in β-cells'.

Her supervisors are Professor David Hodson and Dr Dan Tennant

Federica's PhD is funded through the Medical Research Council


  • Master of Science, University of L’Aquila
  • Bachelor of Science, Second University of Naples


Born in Naples, Federica grew up in Caserta where she graduated as a biotechnologist at the Second University of Naples in 2015. Then, she moved to the University of L’Aquila for a two-year Master’s in molecular and cellular biotechnology, during which she met Dr Dan Tennant of the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research, University of Birmingham. On the hunt for a foreign experience, in 2016 Federica started her master’s thesis project in the Tennant group and after one year, in 2017, she joined Professor David Hodson's group as research technician. Currently, Federica is a research associate and PhD student of Professor Hodson’s Islet Biology Lab, working on the effect of PHD3 on glucose homeostasis. In her free time, she also enjoys cooking, making homemade cosmetics, practicing calligraphy and playing board games.


Federica’s research aims to understand the role that Prolyl-4-hydroxylase 3 (PHD3) plays on glucose metabolism in pancreatic β-cells. To investigate this Federica uses a model lacking the gene encoding for PHD3, specifically in β-cells, to perform in vivo and in vitro phenotyping, including stable isotope tracing, Ca2+, ATP/ADP and cAMP live imaging, and gene expression analyses.

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