Dr Maxwell Dawes

Maxwell Dawes

Research Fellow

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Maxwell joined AMPLab as a postdoctoral research fellow within the School of Metallurgy and Materials in 2019 after having finished his Engineering Doctorate in Formulation Engineering, also at the University of Birmingham. He acquired his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester in 2012. His EngD centred on the processing of advanced carbide ceramics and was co-sponsored by the EPSRC and AWE from 2014 to 2019. He has also worked at water treatment company Arvia where he developed his expertise in electrochemical treatment of radioactive oils. His current research interests are on the additive manufacturing of advanced ceramic materials and ceramic powder processing. Maxwell is currently working on a project with Safran which is looking into the potential of additively manufactured SiAlON ceramics for use in engines. He is also interested in colloidal processing and related characterisation techniques which include rheology and zeta potential.


M. Dawes, S. Blackburn, R. Greenwood , S. Charles (2018)  A zeta potential and rheology study using electroacoustic spectroscopy on aqueous boron carbide suspensions, Ceramics International, 44: 23208-23214