Professor Mike Loretto OBE

Professor Mike Loretto

School of Metallurgy and Materials
Emeritus Professor of Materials

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School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

After graduating from Sheffield University Michael Loretto worked in CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia, in the  Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, USA, in the Cavendish laboratory, Cambridge UK and the University of Birmingham. He retired in 2001 from his position of Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Materials for High Performance Applications at Birmingham. During the time that he was Director of the IRC he set up the Net Shape Laboratory and introduced additive manufacturing and Net Shape Hot Isostatic Pressing as important parts of this net shape laboratory. He is still actively involved in these programmes and applies his expertise in transmission electron microscopy to the study of the microstructure of materials processed to net shape.


Professor Loretto graduated from Sheffield University B.Met in 1955 and was awarded a D.Sc. by the University of Birmingham in 1972


The application of transmission electron microscopy to defects in metals and the application of all electron beam techniques to microstructural characterisation.

The role of processing on controlling microstructure and hence properties.

Research  mainly on Ti-based alloys and intermetallics: (i) The role of hard particles and plastically anisotropic phases on the development of internal stresses in Ti- and TiAl-based alloys. (ii) The development of Net Shape HIPping for production of components. (iii) Development of heat treatments to refine the structure and to improve the properties of cast TiAl components.(iv) The role of carbon in influencing the ageing response of Ti-15-3 and other beta Ti alloys. (v) Laser fabrication for the production of functionally graded Ti alloy components. 


Professor Loretto has published about 300 papers and conference presentations and some of these are  listed below..

Selected Publications

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