Dr Katherine Puddifoot

Dr Katherine Puddifoot

Department of Philosophy
Research Fellow

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I am research fellow on Project PERFECT in the philosophy department at the University of Birmingham.


  • BA (Hons) Durham
  • MRes East Anglia
  • PhD Sheffield


I obtained by PhD from the University of Sheffield. Since completing the PhD, I have taught at the University of Bristol and the University of Glasgow.


My research lies at the intersection of philosophy of psychology and epistemology. My existing research focuses on issues surrounding epistemic responsibility, implicit biases and stereotyping, and intellectual virtue. As well as continuing to explore these issues, my future research will focus on the epistemic status of distorted memories and beliefs produced as a result of cognitive penetration. 




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  • Forthcoming. “Philosophy, bias and stigma”. Why Philosophy? edited by Diego Bubbio & Jeff Malpass (with Lisa Bortolotti).
  • 2018. “Implicit bias and prejudice”. Routledge Handbook of Social Epistemology edited by Miranda Fricker, Peter J. Graham, David Henderson, Nikolaj Pedersen, and Jeremy Wyatt (with Jules Holroyd).
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