Dr Katie Robertson

Dr Katie Robertson

Department of Philosophy
Research Fellow

Contact details

Office 159, EHI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Philosophy of science, especially philosophy of physics


  • PhD (2018)
  • MSci in Physics and Philosophy (2012)
  • BPhil in Philosophy (2015)


In 2018, I completed my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that I took the BPhil in Philosophy at Oxford and before that, I read Physics and Philosophy at Bristol. 

Postgraduate supervision

I am happy to co-supervise students on philosophy of science and philosophy of physics.

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I am currently working on the relationships between the different levels of description within physics. In particular, I am interested in the relationships between thermodynamics and the underlying microdynamics. 


Other activities


Recent publications


Wilson, A & Robertson, K 2022, 'Theoretical Relicts: Progress, Reduction, and Autonomy', The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. https://doi.org/10.1086/724445

Robertson, KR 2020, 'Asymmetry, Abstraction, and Autonomy: Justifying Coarse-Graining in Statistical Mechanics', The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, vol. 71, pp. 547-579.

Robertson, KR 2020, 'In Search of the Holy Grail: How to Reduce the Second Law of Thermodynamics', The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

Robertson, K 2018, 'Stars and steam engines: To what extent do thermodynamics and statistical mechanics apply to self-gravitating systems?', Synthese. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11229-018-02032-5

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