Dr Jamie Vovrosh PhD, MPhys

School of Physics and Astronomy
Research Fellow in Quantum Gravity Sensing

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Jamie Vovrosh is a Research Fellow within the School of Physics and Astronomy. He leads the development of the portable cold atom gravity gradiometers in the Atom Interferometry team. His work focuses on gravity gradient sensing with cold atoms, with a particular focus on developing field devices and new concepts for high sensitivity devices.

In addition to working on the Dstl Gravity Imager Project which developed the first portable atom interferometry gravity gradiometer in Europe, he has been involved in a number of projects aiming to develop industrial prototype cold atom gravity gradiometers including the Industry Strategy Challenge Fund flagship project Gravity Pioneer, where he acts as the technical authority at the University of Birmingham providing scientific expertise for 12 industry and academic partners in their aim of realising advanced industry quantum gradiometer prototypes.

Other projects include the Gravity Delve project in which Dr Vovrosh leads the sensor design and development for a borehole deployable cold atom gravity gradiometer. His work on the development of cold atom gravity sensors was recognised with an Edmund optics educational award in 2018.

Previous to joining the University of Birmingham he conducted his PhD at the University of Southampton, studying the control and manipulation of levitated nanoparticles.


  • PhD, University of Southampton, 2018
  • MPhys, University of Southampton, 2013


  • Supervision of MSc final year research projects in cold atom physics

Postgraduate supervision

  • Supervision of research PhDs in cold atom physics


Research interests

  • Atom interferometry
  • Quantum Technology


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