Dr John Walls

Dr  John Walls

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr John Walls is a lecturer in Environmental Geography at the University of Birmingham. His research interests include the governance of risk and technologies, with a focus on Nuclear Energy & Radioactive Wastes. This includes a decade long interest in developing and evaluating public & stakeholder engagement processes. Current research is focused on (1) exploring the incentives and barriers to building a new generation of nuclear power stations globally; (2) exploring the changing governance of radioactive wastes, especially the purported shift from a ‘technocentric’ to a more ‘participative’ form of governance, a change which is being assessed through an analysis of the work of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM); (3) an EU research project which brings together citizen stakeholders, agencies responsible for radioactive waste management, social science research organizations and licensing and regulatory authorities in four European countries (Belgium, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom) to examine the decision-making process relating to radioactive waste management, including how social science issues affect this process and how it can be developed to enable more effective stakeholder involvement, while meeting legislative requirements; (4) charting the creation of a competitive market for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants in the UK & France with a particular emphasis upon the role of the private sector and the ‘contractorization’ of radioactive waste.