Dr Emmanuel Biau PhD

Dr Emmanuel Biau

School of Psychology
Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact details


  • PhD in Biomedicine, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain (2015)
  • MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and Behavioural, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France, (2009)
  • BSc in Integrative Biology and Physiology, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France (2007)


Research interests

How does the brain combine signals from different modalities to create a unitary sensation? How does the brain integrate all this information to form new episodic memories? These are the questions that I am committed to answer in my personal line of research.

 Current projects

  • I combine the presentation of audiovisual speech clips to behavioural and neurophysiology measures to investigate the role of brain’s waveforms at the service of multisensory perception and episodic memory.
  • I use EEG/MEG (healthy adults) and intracranial EEG (epileptic patients) recordings to look at the neural oscillations in the cortex, and deeper in structures involved in the formation of multimodal memories.
  • I am also interested in predicting neural responses in the hippocampus during multimodal perception by developing a computational model.


Journal Articles

  1. Schultz, B. G., Biau, E., & Kotz, S. A. (2020). An open-source toolbox for measuring dynamic video framerates and synchronizing video stimuli with neural and behavioral responses. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 343.
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Book chapters

Soto-Faraco, S., Kvasova, D., Biau, E., Ikumi, N., Ruzzoli, M., Morís-Fernández, L., & Torralba, M. (2019). Multisensory Interactions in the Real World (Elements in Perception). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.