Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya PhD

Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya

School of Psychology
Assistant Professor in Social Psychology

Dr Bouguettaya primarily studies social psychology and its application to other fields, especially health (and public health). His main research interest is how we can apply social identity theory to ills in society, but will also investigate the ills themselves to understand how they are seen from other perspectives (e.g., legal, medical, etc).

His areas of interest:

  • Social identity and its effects in pure psychology (prejudice, politics)
  • Social identity and psychopathology (disordered eating, conspiracies)
  • Public health: why people and governments do not listen to public health messaging, and failures of communication between stakeholders
  • Incentives: behavioural economics from a social psychological perspective


  • PhD in Psychology (Social Clinical), Deakin University 2019
  • BSc (Hons), Australian National University, 2013


Dr Bouguettaya was previously employed as an Assistant Lecturer at Monash University (Melbourne) in Understanding Social Behaviour, and a research assistant studying Venous Leg Ulcers and Health Literacy at the Alfred Hospital/Monash University.  

At the same time, he worked on various public health research projects at Monash, including on gambling, eating behaviour, and reports for government agencies.

In the past, he taught introductory, developmental, social, clinical, and health psychology at Deakin University, Monash University, and the Australian National University.

In addition to these roles, he has worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Department of Health, and private industries working on health.


  • Social Identity and the Self (lead)
  • Introduction to Social and Differential Psychology (contributing)
  • Communities and Social Action (contributing)

Postgraduate supervision

Not taking postgraduate students for 2020/21. May act as secondary supervisor under certain circumstances.


Research interests

Research streams (past):

  • Causes of disordered eating behaviour.
  • Health Literacy
  • Behavioural economics

Current projects

  • Tightness of Social identification
  • COVID-19 and messaging norms
  • Conspiracy theories, social identity, social cognition, and schizotypy
  • Eating Behaviour (social facilitation)
  • Behavioural economics from a social identity perspective (nudges)
  • Participant recruitment: incentives interacting with drives
  • Social identity and prejudice modification (context effects)

Other activities

Outreach officer for the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists


Bouguettaya, A., Lynott, D., Carter, A., Zerhouni, O., Meyer, S., Ladegaard, I., ... & O’Brien, K. S. (2020). The relationship between gambling advertising and gambling attitudes, intentions and behaviours: a critical and meta-analytic review. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 31: 89-101.

O’Brien, K. S., Puhl, R. M., Latner, J. D., Lynott, D., Reid, J. D., Vakhitova, Z., ... & Carter, A. (2020). The Effect of a Food Addiction Explanation Model for Weight Control and Obesity on Weight Stigma. Nutrients, 12(2): 294.

Team, V., Bouguettaya, A., Richards, C., Turnour, L., Jones, A., Teede, H., & Weller, C. D. (2020). Patient education materials on pressure injury prevention in hospitals and health services in Victoria, Australia: Availability and content analysis. International Wound Journal. 17: 370– 379

Bouguettaya, A., Klas, A., Moulding, R., King, R., & Knight, T. (2019). Perfectionism as a social identity in eating disorders: A qualitative investigation of identity navigation. Australian Psychologist, 54(4): 347-357.

Bouguettaya, A., Moulding, R., King, R. M., & Harrold, G. (2019). The relationships between socially prescribed perfectionism, in‐group affect, negative urgency, and disordered eating in women. Scandinavian Journal Of Psychology, 60(4): 369-376.

Bouguettaya, A., Cruwys, T., Moulding, R., King, R., & Bliuc, A. M. (2019). Evidence that frame of reference effects can reduce socially prescribed perfectionism. Frontiers In Psychology, 9: 2703.

Doley, J. R., Hart, L. M., Stukas, A. A., Petrovic, K., Bouguettaya, A., & Paxton, S. J. (2017). Interventions to reduce the stigma of eating disorders: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 50(3): 210-230.

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