Dr Federica Meconi PhD

Dr Federica Meconi

School of Psychology
Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Fede Meconi is currently conducting a research study with patients with amnesia in collaboration with Prof. Chris Butler in Oxford. She is currently recruiting healthy participants (age range: 40-60 years old) for an EEG (electroencephalography) study. For more information please get in touch with her or visit her website:



Dr. Fede Meconi graduated in Italy at University of Padova. During her academic career she visited Prof. David Amodio’s lab at New York University and Prof. Martin Eimer’s lab at Birkbeck college in London, UK.

She joined University of Birmingham as a Research Fellow on a Marie-Curie individual fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Simon Hanslmayr and Prof. Ian Apperly. She is now conducting her independent research as a Senior Research Fellow on a ESRC New Investigator grant.


Dr. Fede Meconi’s research interest is in empathy towards others' pain. In the last few years she explored the interplay between memories and empathy.


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Book chapter:

Meconi, F., Cellini, N., (2018). EEG/ERPs: Electrophysiological lens. In “Basic neuroimaging: a guide to the methods and their applications” (Eds.) Doyle, O.M., Brigadoi, S., Veronese, M. Amazon Company

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