Dr Tamas Minarik PhD

Dr Tamas Minarik

School of Psychology
Research Fellow

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School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Tamas Minarik is a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Ole Jensen’s  Neuronal Oscillations research group. His work looks into the neuronal response to Rapid Frequency Tagging using MEG. Moreover, he is working on the implementation of the preprocessing and analysis pipeline of MEG data. Dr Minarik is also employed by the Ludwig-Maximilians University and is working with Professor Paul Sauseng investigating brain oscillatory footprints of attention and (episodic long-term) memory using EEG and TMS.


PhD in Psychology


Dr Minarik did his undergraduate degree and MSc degrees in Budapest as well as the University of Surrey, UK; where he then went on to earn his PhD in Psychology and work as a post doctoral researcher. In 2014 he joined Professor Sauseng at the LMU Munich as a postdoctoral research fellow and in 2017 he started in the Neuronal Oscillations group of Professor Jensen at the University of Birmingham. He is currently splitting his time between the two labs.


Research Group: 

Neuronal Oscillations, Prof Ole Jensen

Research Interests: 

  • Neuronal oscillations in attention and long-term memory processes
  • Function of neuronal oscillations
  • Interregional oscillatory coupling

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