Professor John Rose

Professor John Rose

School of Psychology
Director Foren Clin PsyD & Academic Director ClinPsyD
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, St Andrews Heath Care

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School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

John Rose is a clinical psychologist with a particular interest in working with people who have Intellectual Disabilities and works on the Clin Psy D course at the University. He is also Director of the new Forensic Clinical Doctorate that had its first intake in September 2013. 

He also works for St Andrews Health Care and has a strong emphasis on integrating research and teaching with practice in his professional life.


PhD. Stress Amongst Staff Working with People who have a Learning Disability; MSc. (Occupational Psychology); Master of Clinical Psychology; MSc. (Experimental Psychology); BSc. (2:1 Hons) Biological Sciences.


John Rose is Academic Director of the Clinical Psychology Training Course at The University of Birmingham and Director of the new Forensic Clinical Doctorate and works for St Andrews Health Care. Until June 2014 he was also Divisional Psychologist in the Learning Disability Service in the Black Country Partnership NHS Trust.

Prior to this he worked on the Cardiff Clinical Psychology Training Course and as a Clinical Psychologist in a number of different clinical services including Birmingham, Gwent, Cardiff, Oxford and Sandwell.

He has written over 150 articles in academic and professional journals on issues related to cognitive therapy, service design, offenders with intellectual disabilities and staff and organisational issues in intellectual disability services.

He continues to apply his academic interests in practice.  He has been consulting with colleagues at the University of the West Indies and the first controlled trial of Anger Management in prison settings in the Caribbean. With colleagues he has completed a major trial of anger management for people with intellectual disabilities where direct care staff are being supported to deliver therapy directly.  He has also (with Biza Kroese) completed a research project funded by The Judith Trust investigating the training needs of staff who work with people who have intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. He is currently working on projects (with Michael Larkin, Biza Kroese and others) relating to the use of services by people with intellectual from Black and Minority ethnic groups and on resilience of clinical psychology trainees (with Jan Oyebode and others).


John Rose is Academic Director on the Clin Psy D course and his role involves having a broad overview of the teaching on the course and reviewing course content. He also contributes to the teaching on the course and helps to organise teaching relating to people with intellectual disabilities.

He also supports students from the MRes course and will supervises undergraduate projects.  He is also Director of the Forensic Clinical Doctorate, a new and innovative course that allows trainees to qualify as both Forensic and Clinical Psychologists after completing a four year full time programme. The course is being run in partnership with St Andrews Health Care and took its first intake of five trainees in 2013.


My research has focussed on forensic clinical psychology and my clinical work with people who have intellectual disabilities.  Themes have included the adaptation and development of psychological therapies, particularly Cognitive behavioural therapies. Working with and through staff and family members to improve the quality of life for clients has also been a significant theme of my work.

Helping people develop appropriate day time opportunities, especially work has also been an important focus however, I am keen to develop areas of strong clinical relevance to my clinical work.  More recently I have also been involved in  projects exploring the experience of people with learning disabilities from minority communities.


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