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Dr Pia Rotshtein

School of Psychology
Postgraduate Admissions Lead
MSc BICN Programme Lead

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School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
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Dr Pia Rotshtein is an experimental researcher and works on the field of cognitive neuroscience, combining work on the healthy and the diseased brain. She is actively involved in promoting transparency and open science initiative.


Dr Pia Rotshtein graduated from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, with a combined degree in Psychology and Art. She completed a Wellcome Prized PhD in the Welcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL.  She subsequently was awarded early carrier fellowships from the ESRC/MRC and Leverhulme Trust. She now works in the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham as a lecturer.


Dr. Pia Rotshtein has been teaching courses as undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Undergraduate level:

  1. Forensic Neuroscience
  2. Understanding Emotion: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective


  1. Proposing Research in Psychology
  2. Research Review & Meta-Analysis

Postgraduate supervision

Current PhD students:

  • Elizabeth Martin (BBSRC TDP) – the impact of attention disorder on eating behavior (co-supervised with Suzanne Higgs)
  • Mali Taheri (Hilary fellowship)– factors affecting cooperation in social conflicts (co-supervise with Ulrik Beierholm)
  • Ruth Pauli (BBSRC TDP) – dissociating conduct disorder based on callous unemotional facet (co-supervise with Stephane de-Brito)
  • Haobo Chen (Guangzhou grant award) – Fine motor control in using pen for writing and drawing in the impaired and healthy brain (co-supervised with late Glyn Humphreys)
  • Rosanna Laverick (Stroke association fellowship) - Neurocognitive predictors of post-stroke cognitive trajectory
  • Nurul Sa’ari (Malaysia government fellowship) – co-morbidities of visual spatial attention deficits

Completed PhD students:


  • Panagiota Kaisari (BBSRC TDP) – Attention deficits disorder and eating behavior (co-supervised with Suzanne Higgs), currently practicing as dietician.


  • Hussein  Mohammad Moghimi – Effective system for computer brain interface (co-supervised with Robert Stone) currently working in industry
  • Rosalind Baker (Horizon2020 funding) – Callous unemotional trait in typically developed children (co-supervised with Stephane de-Brito). Currently working in Charity


  • Dimitrios Sampanis - rehabilitating the movement after stroke (co-supervised with late Glyn Humphreys). Currently practicing as physiotherapist
  • Johnny King Lau (UoB, LES college funded) – processing objects: interaction of dorsal and ventral stream (co-supervised with late Glyn Humphreys). Currently a post-doc in Reading University


  • Bradley Mattan (UoB, LES college funds) – self bias in perception and visual perspective taking (co-supervised with Kimberley Quinn). Currently a post-doc, University Delaware, USA
  • Melanie Wulff (FP7, CogWatch grant) – Ineracting with objects (co-supervised with late Glyn Humphreys). Currently editor in Lancet Neurology


  • Alla Yankouskaya (Hillary fellowship) – Interaction between processing of identity and expressions (co-supervised with late Glyn Humphreys). Currently lecturer in Bournemouth University.


  • Kamen Tsvetanov (BBSRC TDP) - Combining Behaviour, fMRI and MR Spectroscopy to Study Selective Attention in Ageing. (Co-supervised with late Glyn Humphreys). Currently research fellow MRC-CBU Cambridge University.
  • Vera Chen – emotion and decision making (co-supervised with late Glyn Humphreys, Harriet Allan). Currently works in education .


Pia's research is focused on the two systems that make human special:

1. Social cognition including emotion and motivation
2. Complex actions including the way we interact with objects and sequenced actions

In addition I conduct research on cognitive ageing and specifically on post-stroke cognition.

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Action editor: Cortex
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