Professor Richard Black

Professor Richard Black

College of Social Sciences
Head of the College of Social Sciences

Contact details

College of Social Sciences
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Richard is Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Social Sciences.  An academic geographer and Professor of International Development, he has been a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences since 2012.


PhD in Geography, University of London, 1990
BA in Geography, University of Oxford, 1986

Other activities

  • REF 2014: Member of sub-panel 17, Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies
  • Director of two major DFID research programmes on migration, globalisation and poverty, spanning Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (2003-13)
  • Visiting Professor, Institut de Géographie, Université de Neuchâtel funded by Swiss National Science Foundation, 2011
  • Co-Editor of Journal of Refugee Studies, OUP (1994-2009)


Recent publications


Black, R, Maple, N & Reardon-Smith, S 2020, 'Immobility and the containment of solutions: Reflections on the Global Compacts, Mixed Migration and the Transformation of Protection', Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies.

Banerjee, S, Black, R, Mishra, A & Kniveton, D 2018, 'Assessing vulnerability of remittance-recipient and non-recipient households in rural communities affected by extreme weather events: Case studies from South-West China and North-East India', Population Space and Place.

Martin, M, Kang, YH, Billah, M, Siddiqui, T, Black, R & Kniveton, D 2017, 'Climate-influenced migration in Bangladesh: the need for a policy realignment', Development Policy Review, vol. 35, no. S2, pp. O357-O379.

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Gonzalez-Ferrer, A, Baizan, P, Beauchemin, C, Kraus, E, Schoumaker, B & Black, R 2014, 'Distance, transnational arrangements, and return decisions of Senegalese, Ghanaian, and Congolese migrants', International Migration Review, vol. 48, no. 4, pp. 939-971.

Caux, RD, Smith, C, Kniveton, D, Black, R & Philippides, A 2014, 'Dynamic, small-world social network generation through local agent interactions', Complexity, vol. 19, no. 6, pp. 44-53.

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Black, R, Arnell, NW, Adger, WN, Thomas, D & Geddes, A 2013, 'Migration, immobility and displacement outcomes of extreme events in nature and society', Environmental Science and Policy, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. S32-S43. <>

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Ferrer, AG, Kraus, E, Baizán, P, Beauchemin, C, Black, R & Schoumaker, B 2018, Migration between Africa and Europe: Assessing the role of resources, family and networks. A comparative approach. in Migration between Africa and Europe. Springer Vieweg. <>

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Other contribution

Black, R (ed.), Arnell, N & Adger, N (ed.) 2013, Global Environmental Change, extreme environmental events and ?environmental migration?: exploring the connections. Elsevier Masson. <>

Working paper

Banerjee, S, Kniveton, D, Black, R, Bisht, S, Das, PJ, Mahapatra, B & Tuladhar, S 2017 'Do Financial Remittancces Build Household-Level Adaptive Capacity? A Case Study of Flood-Affected Households in India' KNOMAD. <>

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