Mervyn Conroy

Mervyn Conroy

Health Services Management Centre
Senior Fellow

Contact details

School of Social Policy (HSMC)
Park House
University of Birmingham
B15 2RT

Merv is a qualified NHS counsellor by background and has worked in mental health services management and research. He has recently returned to HSMC after a fixed term secondment to University of Cumbria (UoC). Whilst at Cumbria he was co-designer of a blended learning Health Leadership MBA, taught on the Leadership and Sustainability MBA and was convener of a range of PG health and social care management modules. Merv specialises in research, evaluation, teaching, consultancy on:

  • Applied virtue ethics
  • Ethical leadership and organisational development
  • Sustainable health and social care service improvement
  • Narrative and arts based approaches to research and evaluation
  • Executive coaching and learning sets

Recent research includes new media enabled public engagement to impact on street drinking; arts and health integration into mainstream services and phronesis (practical wisdom) in medical education.

He is a trustee of a voluntary organisation that delivers outreach projects aimed at improving the lives of people living in deprived areas. Merv is a Fellow of the Institute of Consultants (part of the Chartered Management Institute) and a member of the Association for Coaching.


  • PhD Management Learning and Leadership, Lancaster University 2007 
  • Diploma in Counselling, University of Central Lancashire 1999
  • PG Cert in Management, Lancaster University 1995
  • Fellow of the Institute of Consulting (part of the CMI)
  • Member of the Association for Coaching


Merv has over fifteen years combined experience of management (public and private), knowledge transfer, academic research, UG and PG teaching and consulting. Prior to setting up his own research/consulting business in 1999 he was an executive within a global aerospace organisation, heading up a directorate function responsible for managing knowledge transfer from university research centres to support operational efficiency improvements. His NHS employment in mental health services ran in parallel with his consultancy commissions from 2001 to 2007. He still consults across private and public sectors and has acted as the principal consultant on a number of high profile public sector service transformation and executive education projects. His research track record includes a PI and Co-I roles on collaborative research projects with other HEIs, healthcare commissioners and providers. Publications and international conference paper presentations on change leadership ethics, sustainability of service improvements and workforce development evaluation have been a consistent feature from 2001 onwards.

Recent projects: 

  • 2012, Cumbria County Council -‘Transition and Resilience’ leadership programme for senior managers to help them accelerate service and structural transformation programmes
  • 2012, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ‘Learning Leaders’ and ‘Developing Leadership Excellence’ programmes for senior managers and clinicians to improve the dynamic change capability across the organisation
  • 2011-12, Calderstones NHS Partnership Foundation Trust, ‘Soul Centred Leaders’ programme to reduce ward manager burn out
  • 2011, NIHR/Sandwell Hospitals NHS Trust Surgical Review to evaluate the impact on staff and patients of centralising surgical services
  • 2009-2010, NHS West Midlands – Telehealthcare Project Managers leadership development programme to help mainstream tele-healthcare and to support self-management of long term conditions
  • 2010, NHS National Leadership Council – leadership accreditation international benchmarking study to improve undergraduate and postgraduate health leadership education in the UK



  • MSc Leadership for Health Services Improvement


  • Ethical Leadership and Purpose on 2 x Leadership and Sustainability MBAs
  • Introduction to Leadership on 2 x Leadership and Sustainability MBAs 
  • Health Leadership – Cert, Dip, MA/MBA programme 
  • Vision and Strategy - Cert, Dip, MA module
  • Influencing and Collaboration - Cert, Dip, MA module
  • Partnerships - Cert, Dip, MA module
  • Professional Relationships - Cert, Dip, MA module 
  • Managing Change and Performance - Cert, Dip, MA module

Postgraduate supervision

  • MSc Leadership for Health Services Improvement


In preparation:

Phronesis and the medical community (2015-2018)

‘Medical Health Leadership Education and Development’ - working in partnership with 3 medical schools and a range of hospitals and GP practices. 

‘Creative Expression of Value to Health and Wellbeing of the AHRC Connected Communities (CC) Programme’.

Recently completed:

AHRC -Connected Communities: 34 x research grants to improve statutory and community response to health and wellbeing issues including alcohol abuse, arts and health mainstreaming, cultural citizenship and integrated care – see Conroy, Clarke and Wilson 2012 and web link in publication list.


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Recent Conference Papers

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