Surinder Guru

Surinder Guru

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Lecturer in Social Work

Contact details

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Surinder Guru is a Lecturer on the Social Work course at the Department of Social Work and Social Care.


Surinder teachers both undergraduate and postgraduate:

  • Sociology and social work
  • Citizenship and diversity
  • International social work perspectives
  • Gender and migration


Her research interests focus primarily on issues of race and gender, specifically exploring the role and position of South Asian women within the family and their experiences of domestic violence, divorce and the transmission of femininity. Her current research examines the impact of securitization upon Muslim families whose members are detained and convicted under the counter-terrorism legislation.

She has supervised UK and international research students whose work has included migration, ethnicity, gender and mental health, bereavement and is currently working with students examining the role of women in indigenous tribal groups, Islamophobia and political conflict.


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