Frank Herold

Frank Herold

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Lecturer in Physical Education and Sports Science

Contact details

School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Mr Herold has a broad research and teaching interest in professional learning and pedagogy of teaching and learning in Physical Education. His main research interests are concerned with significant developments in national and international Initial Teacher Education in Physical Education. A particular research focus is the exploration of the development of subject knowledge and in particular Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Trainee Teachers of Physical Education. Other interests include wider aspects of research in Physical Education such as the use of new technologies, in particular ICT in PE, as well as Assessment for Learning and Inclusion in Physical Education.


  • MA Sports Studies (Wolverhampton UNI)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (Staffordshire UNI)
  • BEd (Goethe Unversitaet Frankfurt/Main)


Teaching commitments include involvement in the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (Secondary Physical Education) as well as the BA Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Science Programme, as well as current administrative responsibilities as Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies for the School of Education.


  • Initial Teacher Training and Education in Physical Education
  • Professional Learning in Physical Education
  • Information and Learning Technologies in Physical Education
  • Inclusion in Physical Education
  • Assessment for Learning in Physical Education

Other activities

External Examiner and Chief External Examiner for Secondary Post-Graduate Certificate in Education Programmes at the University of Chichester (2005-2009).


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