Zeth Zeth Green BSc, BA, MA

Department of Modern Languages: Hispanic Studies
Technical Officer, Estoria Project

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a developer and researcher working in the digital arts and humanities, primarily on electronic editions and tools concerning the New Testament and other ancient works. My current project is to build a browser-based editing environment, which can be utilised by any scholarly editing project.


  • BSc (Essex)
  • BA (Birmingham)
  • MA (Birmingham)


Zeth Green holds undergraduate degrees from the Universities of Essex and Birmingham, the latter specialising in Biblical Studies, and a Master's degree in Electronic Editing. He has over ten years' experience in web development, with particular expertise in the 'Python' programming language, XML processing and Web application programming. In recognition for his work in the Python field, Zeth was elected as a member of the Python Software Foundation. Zeth has been a member of the European Science Foundation Interedition technical working party, and a consultant to the Institute for New Testament Textual Research (INTF) in Münster on the digital publication of manuscript transcriptions.

Zeth is the creator and maintainer of the'Virtual Manuscript Room' (VMR). This is the first stage in an ambitious project to develop a online workspace for thedigital editing of manuscripts and the analysis of complex textual traditions.If you have read this far and think we can usefully collaborate, please get intouch!


XML metadata (especially concerning manuscripts)

  • Digital Humanities
  • Electronic Editing
  • New Testament Textual Criticism
  • Mingana Collection
  • Programming languages and tools
  • Open source and Open access within the arts and humanities

Other activities

  • Editing Blog - http://vmr.bham.ac.uk/itsee/
  • Personal Blog/Forum - http://commandline.org.uk/   
  • Twitter zeth0: http://twitter.com/zeth0
  • Twitter kingsheath: http://twitter.com/kingsheath
  • IRC: zeth on www.irc.freenode.net



  • Virtual Manuscript Room – http://vmr.bham.ac.uk
  • New Testament Transcripts - http://nttranscripts.uni-muenster.de/AnaServer?NTtranscripts+0+start.anv 
  • Pixelise - http://pixelise.org/ 
  • CollateX-Python https://launchpad.net/collatex