Dr Panagiotis Manafis

Dr Panagiotis Manafis

Department of Theology and Religion
ITSEE Research Fellow

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ITSEE, Department of Theology and Religion
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Manuscript transmission of Greek Byzantine hagiographical and historiographical texts.


  • PhD (Ghent University)
  • MA (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  • BA (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)


Dr. Panagiotis Manafis secured his PhD at the University of Ghent, Belgium, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Greek Philology and Literature and a master’s degree in Byzantine Philology and Literature at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Since September 2018 he has been a research fellow at the department of Theology and Religion of the University of Birmingham. His research focuses on manuscripts transmitting exegetical comments on the New Testament. In particular, as a member of the CATENA project (Horizon 2020), his focus lies on the structure of New Testament catenae manuscripts as well as on the textual transmission of patristic texts. As a member of the Codex Zacynthius Project (AHRC), ha has engaged in the transcription of the texts in the manuscript as well as in the detailed analysis of single excerpts transmitted in the codex Zacynthius and their comparison with the direct tradition of relevant authors. 

Postgraduate supervision

Textual transmission of Byzantine hagiographical and historiographical texts
Political and cultural history of Middle Byzantine period
Byzantine compilation literature
Byzantine history

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My research interest lies in the middle Byzantine literature, with particular focus on the manuscript transmission of texts.

Codex Zacynthius Project - a new edition, transcription and translation of the earliest New Testament catena manuscript using multispectral images.

CATENA - a five-year project on Greek New Testament commentary manuscripts funded by the European Research Council.

ERC Project ‘Memory of Empire: the post- imperial Historiography of Late Antiquity’, Ghent University (November 2013 – November 2017).


Recent publications


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Manafis, P 2021, 'A new witness to the catena of Codex Zacynthius', Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum.

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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Manafis, P 2020, Catenae on Luke and the Catena of Codex Zacynthius. in HAG Houghton & DC Parker (eds), Recovering Early Gospel Text and Commentary . Piscataway NJ, pp. 115-134.

Manafis, P 2020, Catenae on Luke: the commentary and its differing paratextual features. in C Bandt & R Ceulemans (eds), Research on Psalter Catenae: Current Trends and Future Perspectives . Texte und Untersuchungen der altchristlichen Literatur).

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Manafis, P 2019, Procopius in Greek scholarship. in G Greatrex (ed.), Histos Supplement 9. pp. 14.1-8.

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