Dr Sanjee Perera BA (Hons) (L’pool), PhD (L’pool)

Dr Sanjee Perera

Department of Theology and Religion
Research Fellow in Philosophy, Theology and Religion

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ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a Cognitive psychologist specialising in Moral judgement capacity and Ethno-centric identity.

I am currently working on a project commissioned by the Church of England exploring Black & Minority Ethnic Anglicanism in England.  The research brief is to explore BME Anglicanism and develop a preliminary strategic framework for the diocese of Birmingham.


  • PhD in Cognitive Psychology, University of Liverpool
  • BA Combined (Hons) in Psychology & Sociology, University of Liverpool


My higher education began in Western Australia, in Theology where I studied World religions, Aboriginal studies and Theology. When I transferred my degree to the UK, I changed disciplines to Psychology & Sociology. My doctoral research was multidisciplinary spanning hard cognition, social psychology, linguistics, philosophy and political history, and focussed on judgement capacity and ethno-centric identity in societies experiencing violence and conflict.

I also lectured in Psychology and a spectrum of allied subjects between three institutions while living on campus in the capacity of Senior Resident Tutor, managing a team of residential tutors and lecturers and student services, while reading for my PhD.

Since then, I have been immersed in running my start up, The Athena Project, a mentoring & support programme for female BME academics, while consulting for Scorpion XI. I have done various research consultations with, in, and for the Church of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion, and I am delighted to join Dr. Andrew Davies for this project commissioned by the Diocese of Birmingham.


While I have lectured in Psychology, Education studies, Criminology and related fields, I am currently committed to fulltime research between two institutions.


Research Interests in Psychology

My declared research interests have stretched outside the domains of my PhD and academe in the last eight years, to industrial and strategic research, and has spanned across a wide variety of areas.

This includes, but is not limited to, Print media research; student recruitment, retention, welfare, support, progression & attainment in HEIs; Efficacy of mentoring pedagogies in HEIs; Innovation & immersed practice in traditional degree pathways; Student voice & student experience research; Equality, Diversity & Oppressive practice in HEIs; Equality, Diversity & Oppressive practice in religious organisations, and Intersectional inequalities in gender, ethnicity, mental health issues and poverty, which contribute to the BAME attainment gap in HE.

Much of my recent declared & undeclared research is strategic & diagnostic by nature, bound by industrial NDAs, and is often outside the bounds of academe

Research interests in Theology

• BME Anglicanism in the Church of England
• Liturgy, ecclesiology & flourishing in the Church of England.
• Tradition, visual liturgy & subliminal learning.
• Liturgical arousal, hymnody & cognitive triggers
• Trauma theology & oppressive practice

Current Theology Research Projects

• BME Anglicanism in the Church of England: Commissioned by the diocese of Birmingham, supervised by Dr. Andrew Davies.
• Music, Mass & the Matrix: Cognitive triggers and subliminal learning in sung liturgy- independent commission.
• Beyond the Lych-gate: Inclusivity & flourishing in the life of the Church -independent commission.

Other activities

Some of my research consultation commitments include;

• Research Consultant, Scorpion XI Ltd.

Some of my Charity governance & social enterprise commitments include;

Founder & CEO of the Athena Project (2012 to date)
The Athena Project is a mentorship program for female scholars from black & ethnic minority communities in the UK. It is a developmental start-up that spans across UK HE.
Founder & Chair of Governors, i-Ethne (2015 to date)
i-Ethne is a start-up global citizenry community organization which celebrates the continued flux of human nomadism. It works with migrant diaspora groups and local communities through cultural events, workshops and discussion forums to explore shared cultural values which foster a richer tapestry that weaves into the traditional British cultural fabric.
Trustee & Company Director of World Friendship (2015 to date)
World Friendship is a scholarship program for non-EU international students facing financial hardship.
Chair of ‘Turn Around Board’ and Acting Chair of trustee board at
Plymouth Marjon (St. Mark & St John’s University) Student Union. (2015 to date)
Former Trustee & Vice Chair of Board, Liverpool Hope Student Union (2011-2015)


Selected publications

• Perera, S., Kolvik, S., Passy, R. & Ferguson, N. (2006). Measuring Moral Judgement: A Cross Comparison between the MJT & the SRM-SF. AME: Freiburg.
• Perera, S., (2006). Measuring Moral Judgement; Translating the MJT, MOSAIC; Freiburg.
• Perera, S., O’Toole. C., Perera, D., (2004). The War on Iraq; A Thematic analysis on British Print Media, British Psychological Society JP, Volume 12, No 2, August 2004 ISSN 1350-472X
• Perera, S., (2003). An Exploration of Ethno Social Identity; A Case Study of Sri Lanka, MOSAIC; Berlin
• Perera, S., (2002). Moral Development in Societies of Conflict; A Case Study of Sri Lanka, MOSAIC; Berlin
• Perera, S., (2001) An Exploration of the Impact of Ethno social Identity on Moral Development; A Case Study of Sri Lanka, MOSAIC; Liverpool
• Perera, S., (2000) A Susceptible Alliance; A cross cultural study of Social Identity and Socio-Moral Development in Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland, USA, England, & Australia, MOSAIC ; Liverpool


• Perera, S. & Lind, G (2002). The Moral Judgement Test; Authorised Sinhalese Translation (Original work published 1977 and revised in 2002 by Georg Lind)
• Perera, S. & Lind, G (2002). The Moral Judgement Test; Authorised Tamil Translation (Original work published 1977 and revised in 2002 by Georg Lind)

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