What current staff say

Find out what some of our members of staff have to say about working at the University.

Head of School "I love the variety in the job. No two hours in the day are ever the same, let alone no two days, so I am never bored. Working here, you get the opportunity to work with very clever and very interesting people, both students and staff, from all parts of the organisation."

Business Development Manager "The best thing about working for the University is hearing first hand from leading researchers what’s happening at the cutting-edge of their field – and the best thing about my job is meeting inventors. I never quite know what the opportunity is going to be."

Reader in Cardiovascular Sciences "I love sharing my enthusiasm for research, and unravelling the wonder of biological adaptation. I most enjoy the intellectual freedom, which I feel must be defended at all costs."

Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach "I have an incredibly varied job. I develop strategy for the University as a whole, External Relations and my own department, Student Recruitment. I work on open days, the UCAS Higher Education Convention and applicant visit days, as well as widening participation activities, postgraduate initiatives, digital and social networking projects, staff management, and balancing the budgets – but most of all I help a brilliant group of people do a wonderful job. I love making a difference to people."

Head of Bioscience Research Group "I love discovering that the more you learn about biology, the more fascinating it becomes. I most enjoy the intellectual freedom and the fantastically diverse, liberal culture here."

Editorial Officer "I like the exciting buzz of the challenge of minds – and the lovely campus. There is also a very positive atmosphere here; it’s a ‘can do’ place."