Making Important Things Happen

Strategic vision

More than a century after the University of Birmingham was established to unlock the global potential of a progressive city, we remain committed to ensuring our national and global influence while remaining at the heart of the city’s renaissance.

Global reach

We bring together the people and resources to tackle the major challenges of our time. We draw on and give back to the region through our research, our education and our global reach and reputation.

Purposeful approach

As an institution dedicated to learning, we contribute to the growth and spread of knowledge and ideas which will help to transform the world; working with partners to take on the big questions, find and implement solutions and make a difference locally, nationally and globally. This purposeful, pragmatic and pioneering approach, focused on the common good, has enabled us to redefine the civic university, becoming the standard against which others are measured.

This Strategic Framework 2015-20 charts a course that will allow the University of Birmingham to succeed. The quality of our students, and the creativity and leadership of our people, alongside our willingness to make bold and sometimes tough choices, will enable us to realise our goals. Through this sustained original thinking, our success will be seen in the continued growth of our impact and reputation, and that of the region.

World-class research

By investing in, and cultivating, intellectual talent and ideas, and delivering world-class research and education, we will unlock value, make important things happen, and continue to thrive.

Culture and collections

Schools, institutes and departments

Services and facilities