Our staff and students are our greatest resource: their success is our success. We are well-resourced, well managed and ambitious.

Here at the University of Birmingham, outstanding, inspirational and talented people can access the best financial and physical resources in a beautiful campus environment and an intellectually stimulating community.

Targeted development

We have invested in our people and our estate, including in sector-leading programmes as the Senior Leadership Programme, Aurora leading development for women and targeted development for academic and professional staff.

People start, grow and flourish in their careers at Birmingham. We will maintain initiatives such as Global Professors and Birmingham Fellows, grow the depth of our leadership capacity, maximise opportunities for alumni and friends to play active roles in University life and maintain our financial sustainability.

Next generation research

We will invest boldly and wisely for the future with a clear sense of purpose, focusing our investment to create and strengthen areas of excellence. We will continue to develop our campus, investing over £300 million to create pioneering teaching facilities and next generation research space. We will also develop lean and effective processes and systems to support our operations.

Our success will be seen in the quality of our research and educational offerings and in our influence. This will be measured though net promoter score, income, cash generation from operations and capital investment.