The Offer Calculator

Revolutionary online tool for applicants

The University of Birmingham has developed a revolutionary online tool to help GCSE and A-level students to predict whether they will secure a place to study for their degree.

The Offer Calculator lets pupils input their obtained and predicated grades and discover how likely they are to receive an offer via our innovative Personal Page.

Best course

The system has been designed to help prospective students to choose the best course for them and give them a realistic idea of receiving a conditional or unconditional offer. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the sector.

Roderick Smith

Roderick Smith

Director of Admissions

“The Offer Calculator will make the application process much clearer for those interested in applying to Birmingham for 2017 and beyond because they will have a good idea of whether they are likely to receive an offer for any given course. This will allow them to select their course accordingly, increasing their chance of success.”

400-plus courses

More than 400 Undergraduate degree courses beginning in Autumn 2017 are available in the Offer Calculator.

Brightest students

The Offer Calculator follows a University of Birmingham initiative in 2013 to make unconditional offers to the very brightest students applying to selected subjects. This hugely successful scheme has been widely emulated across the sector.

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