How the University of Birmingham is tackling global security challenges

The Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security was established at the University of Birmingham in 2012 to promote a multi-disciplinary approach to global security challenges.

It draws on research expertise in the fields of International Relations, Security Studies, Global Ethics and Psychology to address issues relating to diplomacy and statecraft, mediation and conflict transformation, and global nuclear order.

Policy Commission

The Institute enjoyed significant success with the publication of the Birmingham Policy Commission report on 'The Security Impact of Drones' (PDF 9.62MB) in October 2014.

The Commission was chaired by Sir David Omand (former director of GCHQ) and brought together leading academics with NGO experts and key figures in the law, the military and the senior civil service.

Trust and co-operation

The report put forward several recommendations to the UK Government relating to the emerging use of drone technologies, both in a military and civilian context, and continues to generate wide-ranging interest in the UK media and policy-making circles.

One of the Institute’s core research themes explores the role of interpersonal dynamics in developing new possibilities of trust and co-operation between leaders in adversarial relationships.

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