Research that matters: from Birmingham

At the University of Birmingham we have created a research environment in which academic rigour, innovation and delivery are made possible by brilliant people, outstanding facilities and strong collaborative networks.

Breaking new ground

Our goal now is to do more and better research, tackling the great challenges of our day, breaking new ground and making important things happen.

Expand our impact

We want to enhance the quality and reach of our research, invest strategically to create and strengthen our areas of excellence, expand our impact and increase external investment, including growing our postgraduate research strength.

Our success will be seen in our record of research leadership and the impact of our work on society.

Stretching research targets

We will, year on year, increase our reach via citations, by stretching research award targets, by attracting increasing numbers of post-graduate research students, becoming a destination of choice for ambitious PhD candidates, and by improving on our internal REF targets.

Culture and collections

Schools, institutes and departments

Services and facilities