World Congress to celebrate Shakespeare's 400-year legacy

Distinguished theatre directors from around the world, musicians, actors, and novelists, plus academics from the University of Birmingham, are to come together in a special programme of talks, seminars and debates at a landmark 2016 World Shakespeare Congress, marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

This spotlight event, to be held in summer, will begin in Stratford-upon-Avon and end in London, and is co-hosted by the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the London Shakespeare Centre at King’s College London. It will be the International Shakespeare Association’s tenth such World Congress.

Professor Michael Dobson, Director of The Shakespeare Institute, says: ‘There has never been an opportunity like this to examine and enjoy Shakespeare’s artistic achievements and the creativity they have now been inspiring in others for four whole centuries. Taking in the town where Shakespeare was born, lived and died, and the city where he made his career, in the company of two major theatre companies, this will be a World Shakespeare Congress like no other.’

The World Shakespeare Congress will run from July 31-August 6.

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