Developing the Birmingham Professional

Professional Services are crucial in supporting the academic endeavour and play a key part in delivering the Strategic Framework. The Birmingham Professional is the University’s programme for supporting, developing and defining expectations for our Professional Services staff.

There are around 3,000 staff working in Professional Services in a huge variety of specialist, generalist, managerial, technical, manual and administrative roles. This includes support staff, academic-related staff, technical staff, administrative staff, catering staff, estates and ground staff, nursery staff and security officers at ALL levels of the University.

Improving knowledge

The Birmingham Professional encompasses a range of activities. We run events throughout the year focused on improving knowledge of the higher education sector, skills development and career development. We facilitate communities of practice for staff working in similar roles in different parts of the University. We actively identify and promote opportunities for development, such as secondments, project work and funding for travel abroad. We run a management training scheme to provide an entry point for recent graduates into Professional Services.

The BUAFTAs celebrate the achievement of our Birmingham Professionals.

The Birmingham Professional is overseen by the Registrar’s Leadership Group, each of whom takes an active interest in the development of Professional Services staff within their respective functions and Colleges.

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