Scholarship application procedure

We aim to make the process of applying for a scholarship as simple as possible. When applying for a scholarship, it is important to remember that awards are reserved for only the most exceptional of students.

External scholarships

Some of our scholarship schemes are administered by external bodies or organisations. Please see the individual web pages below for more information and guidance on how to apply:



University of Birmingham scholarships

The following application guidance and advice is for applicants who would like to apply for the following University of Birmingham scholarship schemes:

Application process

A link to the application form will be sent automatically via e-mail to students who have recieved an offer of admission on an eligible course for the 2012/13 academic year.

Please note the e-mail may take up to 10 days to be reach you from the date of your offer.  If you do not receive the link after this time, please e-mail with your student ID number.

When you receive the link, complete the application form in full and submit electronically. There is no need to provide any supporting documents as we aquire them from our Admissions Department.

Applications will be shortlisted and considered throughout June and early July. Successful scholarship applicants will be contacted in July.

Unfortunately, we are unable to contact all applicants with notification of results or provide feedback on individual applications due to the volume of applications and interest we receive. If you do not hear from the University by the end of July, please assume that your application for a scholarship has been unsuccessful.

Additional guidance

Eligibility criteria 

All Scholarship applicants must:

  • Have applied for a place to study on a one year master’s degree programme at the University of Birmingham and received an offer of a place.
  • Be classified as overseas for fees purposes – ie will be expecting to pay the international tuition fees.
  • Must not be in receipt of a full scholarship from any other body.
  • Have sufficient funds to cover the additional costs of studying at Birmingham including any outstanding tuition fees that the scholarship may not cover and the required travel and living costs to spend one year at the University of Birmingham.
  • Some scholarship schemes also require applicants to be a national of a particular country and/or living in a particular country or continent at the time of application.

What kind of information needs to be submitted?

The University considers scholarship applications based solely on the information provided in the scholarship application form and the undergraduate transcript, undergraduate graduation certificate (if applicable) and references that applicants submit to the University as part of their course application.

The scholarship application form includes general questions about academic achievement to date and short essay questions (250 words each) about the applicant’s achievements to date, how they would undertake a role as a University of Birmingham Ambassador and their future plans.

Who are we looking for?

We receive more than a thousand applications for these scholarship schemes each year, and with only a few scholarship places available, Applicants who are ultimately awarded the scholarships offer a number of qualities that make them stand out as candidates.

All of the candidates who are awarded a scholarship offer an excellent academic background. Many of our past scholars have achieved first class degrees, studied at top universities in their country, come top of their class or year group or have won prestigious academic awards.

In addition to this, applicants who are successful inevitably offer both an outstanding academic background and a record of achievement in their life. This might be exceptional achievement in extra-curricular activities (such as in sport or music, managing events or societies), significant achievement gained in their working life or through volunteering and service to others.

What does the scholarship cover?

The Scholarships are tuition fee awards ranging from 10,000 GBP to the full tuition fees of a Masters Degree Programme. Applicants must therefore be able to cover the remaining expenses of studying at the University of Birmingham including living costs, travel to the UK, and potentially any outstanding tuition fees, if the award is a partial tuition fee scholarship.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 1 June 2012. Applications will not be accepted if they are submitted after this date.