Funding for Teacher Training students

Information on the range of financial support available for Teacher Training students at the University of Birmingham in the 2023/24 academic year. Information for 2024/25 will updated here when it is announced. Male teacher with primary school student

Tuition fee loans

Loan details for 2023/24 are not currently confirmed, the information below is for 2022.

All UK and EU students except those on Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses are eligible to take out a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC) to cover their tuition fees, which was £9,250 for the academic year 2022/23. This will need to be repaid after graduation, but only once you are in work and earning over at least £27,295 per year. 

UK students should apply to their appropriate regional funding agency for the tuition fee loan at the same time as applying for other statutory support (i.e. the maintenance loan and grants).

EU students may also qualify for tuition fee loan support, depending on your settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

For full details please visit the website, or contact the Student Finance EU Team on +44(0)141 2433570.

Maintenance loans and grants

Loan details for 2023/24 are not currently confirmed, the information below is for 2022.

UK students (except those on SKE courses) are eligible to apply for a maintenance loan, if required, of up to £9,706 (if living away from home and outside of London) to cover general living costs.  Students from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may also be eligible for a maintenance grant. 

Applications are assessed by your appropriate regional funding agency and supplementary grants (e.g. Parents Learning Allowance, Childcare Grant, Disabled Students’ Allowances, etc.) may also be available to you.

EU students are not eligible to apply for any type of maintenance support. 

Training bursaries and scholarships

UK and EU Teacher Training students may be eligible for a training bursary (or a scholarship) from the Department for Education or its related scholarship organisations.  Tax-free awards of up to £27,000 are possible. 

Students on SKE courses may be eligible for a bursary of £175 per week.

Details regarding the application process for all bursaries/scholarships will be sent to you immediately prior to the start of your course.  Please note that as part of the eligibility conditions for a bursary you will need to show that you have applied to your regional funding agency for a student loan in 2023/24.  You do not need to actually take out such a loan, but you do need to apply in order to show that you have an underlying eligibility to do so.   

Once your eligibility for a training bursary or scholarship is confirmed (usually around early/mid-October), the University will pay the Department for Education (DfE) bursary or SKE bursary or scholarship to you on a monthly basis during your course. It will not be subject to income tax.

The Department for Education  provides comprehensive details of these schemes.

Hockerill Educational Foundation grants

The Hockerill Educational Foundation invites applications for grants (usually worth £500-£1,000 per year) to teacher training students who have particular financial difficulties.

Students training to teach Religious Education are their highest priority, but they can also help students in other areas, particularly primary education students. If you think you may be eligible, you should apply now for a grant for the academic year 2023/24. Applications received by 31 March 2023 will have priority, but they will consider later applications if funds are still available. 

To request an application form and guidance email:

Association of Church College Trusts

Trainees in secondary Religious Education are eligible to apply to one of the Church College Trusts for a grant towards course expenses or living expenses. Candidates can check the Culham St. Gabriel's Trust website for further details of the trusts and foundations to which they can apply. The date for applications is 31 March annually.

International students

International students are not eligible for Tuition Fee Loans, Maintenance Loans or training bursaries. In exceptional circumstances, they may be eligible for a Hockerill Educational Foundation grant.

Further information

For the most up-to-date information, please refer to  Get into Teaching or contact the Department for Education directly on +44(0)800 3892500.