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Laura Bowen, PhD, School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, pictured with her supervisor Dr Francois-Xavier Li at Aston Villa’s Bodymoor Heath Training Ground

"My research project is a collaboration between Aston Villa Football Club Academy and the University of Birmingham. Being able to take everything I learnt as an undergraduate and apply it in a practical setting has made me understand my subject a lot more clearly and has increased my employability." (Read more...)


Dr Gareth Wallis is a lecturer in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences. He is pictured with doctoral researcher Gareth Fletcher and MRes student Emily Novakovic.

‘We’re interested in fuel metabolism during exercise – what type of fuels people use to produce energy so that they can move, be it running, or cycling or even walking. Typically that’s a combination of carbohydrates or fats..." (Read more...)


Emily Saunders, PhD, School of Biosciences, pictured at Twycross Zoo with her supervisor Dr Susannah Thorpe, is working on gorilla locomotion with reference to understanding the evolution of human bipedalism.

"I chose Birmingham because of the area of research that was being studied in Susannah’s lab, which offered the chance to be right at the  forefront of evolutionary research. Since starting at Birmingham I’ve found that the opportunities open to postgraduates are fantastic."  (Read more...)


Beckie Port, PhD, School of Cancer Sciences pictured working in the University of Birmingham Medical School

"I love demonstrating science to people, both in and out of the lab. I would love more people to get involved in science and be excited about all the weird and wonderful things that scientists around the world are discovering every single day." (Read more...)


Professor Nicholas J Wheeler, Director of the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS), pictured with PhD student Josh Baker.

"I’m interested in understanding obstacles to building international cooperation and how we can overcome those obstacles in situations of intractable conflict. I’m particularly interested in focusing on the challenge of building cooperation and trust between nuclear armed and arming adversaries.'" (Read more...)


Emma Login is studying towards a PhD in the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology. Her research explores and compares the trend of war memorialisation in Britain, France, Belgium and the USA.

"It was an incredible experience, from both a personal and a professional point of view, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity." (Read more...)


Professor Ewan Fernie, Chair of Shakespeare Studies and Fellow, pictured at the Shakespeare Institute with lecturer Dr Abigail Rokison and Masters students Emer McHugh, Laura Nicklin, Hannah Perrin and David Graybill

"Our courses try to make the seminar room a more inventive place where we work in an ethos of creativity, encouraging students to be co-creators with each other and with Shakespeare." (Read more...)


Andrew Lewis is studying towards a PhD with the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

"I’m working on a Leverhulme-funded project to reconstruct cuneiform clay tablets. It’s like having a huge 220,000 piece jigsaw with no end picture and you’re not even sure if some of the pieces fit together. These puzzles are impossible to solve using traditional mathematics, but we can use heuristics and complexity theory to piece together fragments." (Read more...)


Dr Roger White, Senior Lecturer, Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, pictured with MA student Gillian Reynolds and PhD student Shih-Yu Chen at the Ironbridge World Heritage Site.

"The new MA in World Heritage Studies builds upon the unique status that the University of Birmingham has as the only teaching university to be linked to the World Heritage site at Ironbridge. We’ve been running a course in Heritage Management here since 1989, the longest running of its kind in the country, and the new MA builds on that." (Read more...)


Stephan Gloeckner is studying torwards a PhD with the School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

"I am undertaking a Universitas 21 Joint PhD under the co-supervision of Professor Wiebke Arlt at Birmingham and Professor Richard Sinnott at the University of Melbourne. It is proving a fantastic opportunity that will really open doors for me." (Read more...)


Emily Russell, MA Translation Studies, College of Arts and Law, pictured with Dr Gabriela Saldanha, convenor of this interdisciplinary programme run by the Departments of English and Modern Languages.

"The MA in Translation Studies goes into a lot of detail but also covers broader issues and concepts. The course includes theory as well as practice; it shows you how you can use theory to improve your practical translation. This knowledge has helped me to secure an internship working as a translator at the UN headquarters in New York." (Read more...)


Magdalena Antrobus, MA Philosophy of Health and Happiness,  Department of Philosophy, pictured at the University’s Barber Institute  of Fine Arts with Professor Lisa Bortolotti.

"Birmingham is one of the few universities in the country where I could combine the study of Psychology and Philosophy: I did a bit of research before I picked Birmingham and I couldn’t find anything as interesting as what I’ve been able to study here. Working with Lisa has been a fantastic opportunity." (Read more...) 


John Ramsay, a PhD student with the School of Chemical Engineering,  pictured with Mark Simmons, Professor in Fluid  Mechanics. Their research interests in multiphase  flows span a wide range of industry sectors.

"I’ve always wanted to know how things work and why. The School of Chemical Engineering is excellent and with the research that goes on here, it just felt like the right place  for me to be."  (Read more...)


Dr Stuart Hillmansen is Head of the Traction Research Group,  Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education. 

"One of the strong points of the MSc in Railway Systems Engineering and Integration is its interdisciplinarity. No one person can have an understanding of the whole railway, but the MSc allows specialists in one area to understand the  requirements of other disciplines and how they  work together." (Read more...)


Cheng Qian is a PhD student with the School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

"We use virtual environments to provide therapy for patients recovering from traumatic incidents. I am developing a virtual scenario based on Wembury in the West Country, using gaming technologies. We’ve conducted experiments on military and civilian patients to test the therapy using smells and sounds as well." (Read more...)


Dr Anne-Marie Krachler, Birmingham Fellow, School of Biosciences, pictured with her MSc student Rosa Zavaleta Romero.

"Birmingham is a really vibrant environment for studying microbiology right now. The new Institute of Microbiology and Infection brings together a wide range of expertise in microbiology under one roof. I am currently interested in how bacterial pathogens interact with their host." (Read more...)


Faye Ward, PhD graduate, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, pictured here with fellow MSc student Tanya Sheehan.

"I decided to do a Masters degree because I wanted to improve my job prospects and since graduating I have been offered a place on a graduate scheme with Welsh Water. As the School has a strong background in environmental management it was the obvious choice for my postgraduate studies." (Read more ...)


Dr Suzanne Higgs, Reader, School of Psychology, pictured with  PhD students Iraida Neira and Jason Thomas. 

"Our group is interested in the psychological  processes that have an impact on appetite and the kinds of biological processes that underpin these. Our research area is very important since, as Iraida and Jason have found in their research, diet has a huge impact on health."  (Read more...)  


Helen Stone, PhD, School of Cancer Sciences, is pictured with  fellow PhD student Kirsty Lawrence and their supervisor Dr Jo Morris.

"I’ve always loved biology, ever since I can remember. I wanted to keep learning and when I saw that the PhD was supervised by Jo, who is a leader in the field, I applied for it. I’m from the West Midlands and knew I loved the University, but it was the quality of Birmingham’s research that attracted me."  (Read more...) 


Anna Quinn is studying towards a Masters in Public Health. She is picture in Chancellors Court.

"During my undergraduate degree I realised I was most interested in population health and the Masters in Public Health was a good way of exploring that, while also gaining a qualification for a job in the healthcare field. Birmingham seemed like a really good place to do it; it’s got a really good reputation and you get lots of flexibility when choosing the modules you want to do." (Read more...)


Hannah Greenwood, PhD, School of Immunity and Infection, pictured with fellow doctoral researcher Alessandra Rossi in the Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research, led by Professor Janet Lord.

"The fact that Janet is an expert in healthy ageing really influenced my decision to come and pursue my doctoral research at Birmingham. I find it fascinating that we become more prone to infection as we age, so I’m looking at the immune system in old age and its response to superbugs." (Read more...)


Deborah Davidson,Senior Fellow at the Health Services Management Centre is pictured at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham with Tracy Nightingale, Associate Director of Nursing at University Hospitals Birmingham

"The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) is one of the UK’s leading centres for teaching, research, and personal and organisational development in health and social care.’"(Read more...)


Dr Karen Guldberg, lecturer in Autism Studies and Director of the Autism Centre for Education and Research is pictured here with post-doctoral research fellow and recent PhD graduate Dr Lila Kossyvaki, and PhD student Marilena Mademtzi.

"Our focus in terms of our research is very much on educational interventions and provision. We work in partnership with adults and children with autism, and conduct a lot of school-based research. My particular specialism relates to developing technology-enhanced learning environments for children with autism and researching how children learn within those environments." (Read more...)


Doga Istanbulluoglu, pictured here with her supervisor Professor Isabelle Szmigin, is a doctoral researcher in the Marketing Department. She is interested in consumer complaining behaviour on social networking sites.

"In 2007, when I started my Masters, it was obvious that social media was going to be the future. Companies care about their reputations – they want to know what’s happening in the outside world.’" (Read more...)


Professor Jeremy Wyatt is a member of the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics in the School of Computer Science, and Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He is pictured in the University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory with Lenka Mudrová, a PhD student in the School of Computer Science.

"What we do in our robot lab is to look for methods of intelligent sensing and control. This means giving robots new kinds of algorithms, mathematics and software to allow them to act adaptively and purposively in the world.’"(Read more...)


Olivia Vicol is studying for an MA in Social Research (Social Policy) in the Institute of Applied Social Studies (IASS) in the School of Social Policy. Her dissertation focuses on the media representation of Bulgarians and Romanians.

"Studying on the course has been a really positive experience. I’ve gained a lot of applicable skills and have covered pretty much every major method used in social science: statistical analysis, qualitative analysis, linguistic analysis; through this broad training I can pretty much do anything.'"(Read more...)


Stefan Wolff is Professor of International Security in the Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS). He is pictured here alongside two postgraduates whose work he supervises: doctoral researcher Argyro Kartsonaki and Shakhawan Lashkri, an MA student in International Relations (Security).

"One of my main areas of research is the management of ethnic conflict, in particular how the international community can contain and resolve conflicts in ways that are sustainable and lead to peace and democracy." (Read more...)