What will it be like in September for Medical and Dental students ?

Our academics joined us from their homes to answer our students' questions on what learning will be like for them in September. Rumali and Lucy interviewed John, Linda and Ronnie about the plans in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.

Find out more on our plans for teaching, our resources and how we'll conduct your lectures, seminars and  tutorials. 

How will you be studying?
What will be the main differences?
What resources will be available?
What there be a variety of resources on offer?
What if you struggle with online learning?
What contact will you have with academics?
Will students have individual meetings alongside tutorials?
How will lab sessions and practicals work?
How is teaching being adapted to online?
What about work experience, where this is essential?
How can you meet people on your course?
Advice for new and returning students