Getting here and getting started

You may still have questions about how you take up your place at Birmingham this year – from delayed qualifications or cancelled exams, through to how you arrive on campus and to your accommodation.  In this section we aim to answer all these questions, and let you know who you can speak to if you have further questions.

Admissions to your programme 

Given the exceptional circumstances this year, we will accept scanned or photographed copies of documentation (certificate and transcripts) to confirm your academic results, rather than you having to provide original copies to confirm your place. You will need to provide original copies once you arrive on campus, but scanned or photographed versions will be accepted through the postgraduate admissions portal to allow you to take up your place.

If for any reason your University results and degree certification is delayed we will accept your final transcript and a letter from your institution confirming successful completion of your studies.

Deferring your place

We will be able to consider deferral requests after 1 August 2021. Please log into the applicant portal  and click on the ‘Deferral Request’ button found at the bottom of your application details. The deferral request option will be available to eligible postgraduate taught applicants. Please be aware that a non-refundable deposit of £1,500 will be payable to secure your place for September 2022. The admissions team will process deferral requests in due course (after the current academic session applications have been processed).

If you encounter difficulties in accessing your applicant portal please contact the DAAS System team. If you do not have access to the Deferral Request option in the applicant portal please contact our Postgraduate Admissions Team  with your request.

Postgraduate Research Programmes

The majority of our PhD programmes offer flexible start dates, so this is not normally a problem. We would recommend that you discuss this with your supervisor in the first instance, to ensure that they can accommodate an alternative start date. Once you have agreed a new start date, please contact our Postgraduate Admissions Team with your request.