Accommodation advice for students with families

Students who plan ahead and make preparations for their family to join them at a later stage in the academic year will often find it easier to adapt to life in the UK.

Living can help students with families in their search for accommodation in the areas surrounding the University campus. Many students with families prefer to live in the community close to local families with children, schools, shops, public transport and other amenities. The best place to find a property to rent from an accredited landlord is through our website

Most private tenancies will be for a period of 6 months or more. If you are looking to stay for a shorter time your search may be a little harder.

Whilst it can be hard for children to settle into their new life and for the family to adjust, Birmingham nevertheless offers an irresistible opportunity for children to experience and develop in a thriving and exciting city, with an amazing diversity of people and cultures.

As in many cities, affordable family accommodation close to the campus can sometimes be difficult to find. With the needs of families being so specific, especially if schools need to be chosen, it would not be practical for us to arrange family accommodation for you. However, we can:

  • Provide honest and fair housing advice when discussing housing options available to you and deal with any other queries you may have
  • Talk about other sources of obtaining accommodation information.
  • Check your accommodation contract before you sign to make sure that everything is in order and discuss what your responsibilities are.

It is important to view the property before signing any private accommodation contract. You should also visit us at Living, Accommodation Services to check your contract before signing. This is particularly important for international students who may not be aware of their rights as tenants in the UK. Students who leave private accommodation early will find themselves responsible for full payment until the end of their contract so it is important that you know what you are signing up for and that the housing you have found is appropriate for your family’s situation.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that students with families come to the UK alone first to organise accommodation before bringing their family over. Do not accept a place in University Accommodation if you are bringing your family later as you are expected to honour the contract for the full contracted period.

For International families please visit our specialist webpages for further assistance.