How we allocate your accommodation

You will receive your offer of University accommodation by email once your place at the University becomes unconditional which, for most students, will be after the examination results are announced in the summer.

If you’ve had your place confirmed at Birmingham and are eligible under the Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme, you will typically receive your offer within 14 working days after UK A-level results are published in August. Undergraduate students who have an unconditional status prior to results day will be allocated accommodation starting from the second half of July. Insurance and late applicants can still apply for accommodation but your application may take longer to process and a place cannot be guaranteed.

To secure your accommodation, you’ll need to make an Advance Rent Payment of £550 immediately or alternatively pay your accommodation fee in full. If you choose to make an Advance Rent Payment only then you will need to either pay in full before the start of your accommodation contract or by instalments during the year.

How does the allocation process work?

Allocation of accommodation is completed in two waves. The first wave is completed at the end of July for the majority of undergraduate students who hold unconditional places at the University. The second wave takes place in mid-August, once the majority of students have had their places confirmed following the publication of exam results. Please note that you may have to wait 14 working days after results day to receive your offer.

In both waves, all students who have applied for accommodation and have unconditional places accepted at the University are processed by the allocations software, which allocates students in a random order to their preferred accommodation. As we have a number of accommodation sites, inevitably some are more popular than others. For each student, the allocation software will seek to find an available room which matches the preferences that students select on their application form. Where options are limited, the software will try to find the best possible match to the preferences.  

The order of allocations is done randomly by an allocations software system to ensure fairness to all applicants. 

If you are applying for 2019 please note that the benefits of an unconditional offer are purely academic, and unconditional offer holders will not receive  any priority over any other offer holders in the allocation of accommodation. Please visit our webpage for more information on the Unconditional Offer Scheme.

Can I add/remove Meal Plan to my self-catered accommodation?

Should you be allocated to a self catered room but wish to have Meal Plan, you can either request to be allocated to a Meal Plan location (depending on availability) or you can add Meal Plan to your accommodation contract.   

Meal Plan makes up part of your accommodation contract, and so if you are offered a Meal Plan room and wish to be self catered, you will need to request a room at a different location.  This is because meal plan accommodation is located together within the same buildings or blocks for a variety of reasons.  One signifcant reason is proximity to outlets where food is available (the majority of Meal Plan accommodation is clustered around The Hub).  

Meal Plan is also a very social experience - a flat of six may choose to go to dinner together in Infusion, whereas residents of a self catered flat may choose to cook or shop together.   This also ensures that flatmates who share a kitchen use those facilties in a similiar way, and this helps to avoid potential conflict, such as whose responsibility it is to do the washing up - as all flatmates are using the facilties to more or less the same degree.  

Can I change my accommodation after I have moved in?

We offer a transfer system for students who wish to change their accommodation for whatever reason, subject to availability.  The option to transfer begins in the middle of October, allowing students a couple of weeks to settle in and then decide if they still wish to change accommodation.  Students with more urgent issues are advised to speak to the Living team.  

Please note that there is a £50 administration charge for transfers which includes the change to the internet connection, cleaning and adminstration costs.  Please note that it is not possible to transfer from partner provider accommodation to University accommodation.