Student survey feedback

We survey our current residents every two years, and use the answers to guide the future development of our accommodation services.

The headline results of the 2015/16 survey are:

  • Overall satisfaction with your accommodation has increased since the last survey from 79% to 87%
  • 54% of you think your accommodation is good value for money and 60% say the residence fee is fair compared to other universities, up from 49% in 2009/10.
  • 78% of you were satisfied with the outcome of your contact with your Customer Service Manager when dealing with a specific issue.
  • 95% of you said that they recycle and segregate their waste – which is up from 89% in 2013/14.
  • 95% of you feel safe within in your accommodation.
  • This year the first ‘Global Residence’ at Pritchatts Park was launched with 80% of the residents stating the mix of students and nationalities in Pritchatts House has been successful.

Detailed feedback and our responses

Allocation of Accommodation

  • 75% of you said you were offered the type of accommodation that you requested, which is up from our 2013 survey from 62%.

We are working on ensuring this number continues to rise through the development of more en-suite self-catered accommodation, which is in highest demand, at our Grange Road development and any future accommodation developments.

Your Welcome Experience

When you were asked what would improve your welcome experience you said that the time slots you were given for arrival were not convenient. Living are currently working with the allocations software provider, StarRez, to enable incoming students to choose their preferred arrival time from a pool of available time slots during arrivals weekend in September 2016.

This will provide residents with a choice of their preferred arrival time to suit their needs as well as allowing us to manage arrival times with residences in order to help reduce congestion over welcome weekend.

Collecting your Keys

Some residents commented that they experienced long queues to collect their keys on arrival.

Following the installation of a card door access system in Chamberlain where residents use their Student ID Card to access their flat and study bedrooms rather than traditional keys. We plan to install this card access system across all residences over the coming years which will remove the need to queue up for keys on arrival and move straight into your accommodation.

Meal Plan

We received a number of comments about the limited variety and range of food available on the Vale, especially world cuisine.

In January 2016 we opened JC’s restaurant at Chamberlain which offers a Tex-Mex menu with full table service open to all students including those on the Meal Plan.

The menu and options will be reviewed regularly to provide variety and choice.


  • 57% of you rated the wifi service as excellent/above average.

We are now working closely with ASK4 to improve the speed of the wifi service across all three Student Villages  to provide future residents with a faster and more robust wifi network.


  • 76% of you think it easy to report repairs and over 60% rate the repairs when carried out as excellent/good.
  • However, only 27% of residents rate the speed in which the work was carried out as good.

This year we launched the Accommodation App and included the option for residents to report their repairs through the App which is more convenient and efficient for our customers.

We have carried out a full review of the repairs and maintenance service in Student Accommodation with our colleagues in Estates and have developed a more efficient, sustainable and customer focused repairs and maintenance service.

The new service will be in place from September 2016 and will offer improved communication with our customers and speed up the repairs process to improve customer satisfaction. 

Walking to Campus

  • 40% of you said that there are things that can put you off walking or cycling to university, especially from the Vale.

We are currently constructing a new walking route from the Vale Village to main campus which will help
increase safety for pedestrians walking to University from September 2016.

Information Available on Our Website.

  • 79% of you said that information provided on our website is good, but you also said you would like more information, such as the distances of our villages from campus. 

We think our new 3D map in the Show Home at The Hub, in our Accommodation Guide and virtual tours on-line helps inform prospective students on our wide range of accommodation options and locations.

We also plan to introduce more detailed information online such as room sizes and how many people share a flat/kitchen/bathroom to help future students make an even more informed choice about their accommodation.


The survey results and our responses are also available to be downloaded as a PDF.