UUK Code of practice

For your reassurance, the UUK Code of Practice sets out all the main elements of good management practice for student housing.





The Code should help you to understand both the standards and procedures for applying to accommodation and the obligations you will be expected to adhere to as a resident.
The Code is tailored specifically for each accommodation location and these are set out in detail on the individual accommodation pages. The detailed documents on these pages demonstrate how you can expect to be able to identify and receive help to remedy any shortcomings in the management of your accommodation. Where an audit and/or complaint indicates a persistent management failure the University may be deemed to be no longer compliant with the UUK Code of Practice and will be held to account for this.

The Code outlines best practice and provides benchmarks for the management and quality of student housing in the Higher Education sector. A full version of the Code of Practice is available on the Student Accommodation Code website.

The key elements covered by the Code include:

  • health and safety standards and procedures
  • fire safety
  • electricity and gas supplies
  • water supply and services
  • security
  • kitchen facilities and related items
  • maintenance and repair regimes
  • environmental quality
  • landlord and tenant relationship
  • student support
  • antisocial behaviour and disciplinary procedures
  • administration of and compliance with the Code

Important information

It is important that you read and make yourself familiar with the Code of Practice for your accommodation before you move in.



Hospitality and Accommodation Services Health and Safety Policy

In addition to the UUK code of practice, this Health and Safety Policy statement sets out Hospitality and Accommodation Services' aims and objectives. It includes a statement of policy, the organisation and arrangements for meeting those objectives.

Hospitality and Accommodation Services is a department of the University of Birmingham and employs approximately 850 staff which includes full and part time employees, working over a seven day week.

Accommodation Complaint Form

If you're not satisfied with any aspect of your University accommodation, you can tell us about your concerns by using our Accommodation complaint form

Important Note

It is expected that most concerns will be resolved informally and as close to the origin of the concerns as possible.

You should attempt to raise your concern with a member of the Student Accommodation Team, within one month of the relevant incident, who will try to resolve the matter locally and informally. Any formal complaint should include either evidence of or reference to attempts made to resolve locally.

If you remain dissatisfied following consideration of and feedback and/or action regarding your concern by an appropriate member of the team you should raise your concerns formally in writing by completing and submitting the online Complaint Form within one month of the date of the conclusion of the response or action from the Customer Service Manager or appropriate member of staff.