End of tenancy

In order to make moving out a swift process, make sure you check the guidelines below. Also remember to start cleaning and clearing the house in advance, as this process can take a few days.

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  • Start early, make a rota so that no one person is left with the final clean. 
  • Vacuum and dust all rooms.
  • Clean the cooker thoroughly to remove all grease and spills. Also clean the oven, grill and the areas behind the cooker.
  • Remove all food from the fridge and freezer and clean inside. Switch the freezer off to allow the ice to melt. Dry the inside. Leave it switched off and with the door open when you leave.
  • Remove everything from the kitchen cupboards and drawers; clean the insides of the cupboards and drawers if necessary.
  • Wash the kitchen work surface and tiles
  • Clean the bath/shower, wash basin, wall tiles and toilet; mop the floor in the toilet.
  • Clean the windows and windowsills.
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner.


  • The property must be cleaned to the same standard it had when you moved in. 
  • Any damage, additional cleaning, rubbish removal etc will result in a charge being taken from your deposit.


Your Landlord will not forward mail for you therefore you need to redirect all your post to the new address before you move out. You can also arrange redirection with the Post Office, for a small fee. 

Unwanted items

Put broken items in your household rubbish collection.

  • Put your rubbish out on the right day of collection. To find out what day your household rubbish bins are see the Birmingham City Council refuse collection page.
  • For any unwanted items in good condition, make sure you donate them rather than throw them away. Junkbusters the University's and Guild of Students multi-award winning scheme can take away any unwanted items such as clothes, DVDs, books, small electrical items, furniture, stationery and bric-a-brac where the proceeds will go to the British Heart Foundation.
  • Make special arrangements for any unwanted bulky waste by contacting Birmingham City Council.
  • Ensure all items,including rubbish and unwanted items are removed before handing keys back.   


  • Check your original inventory and keep a record of any discrepancies.  Return all items to their original location.
  • Contact your landlord to arrange a final inspection or check out inventory.
  • If the landlord does not inspect the property before you leave, take photos of the property on departure and send them to the landlord/agent.

On your last day at the property:

  • Take final meter readings for utility bills and close down all utility accounts.
  • Pay out any final/closing utility bills.
  • Cancel any phone/broadband accounts or transfer them to your new property.
  • If you live with your friends, decide who will be managing this.
  • Give your bank or building society the new address you are moving into
  • Claim any refund that is due on your TV License.
  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • Return all keys(including any gate keys) to your landlord/agent no later than the date and time stated in your agreement.

Return of your deposit

If you paid a deposit when you moved into the property, your landlord should return your deposit within ten days of your tenancy ending.  The deposit should be returned in full unless you have caused damage to the property or the landlord has suffered a genuine financial loss as a result of something you or your guests have done or failed to do.

Sometimes landlords refuse to return deposits until they receive proof that the final utility bills have been paid. If possible, please save and print copies of your utility bills and hand them in to the landlord/agency when returning the keys, in order to make returning the deposit easier.

Your landlord can make resonable deductions from your account if:

  • The property has been damaged
  • The rent hasn't been paid
  • Items are missing
  • The property needs to be cleaned after you move out
  • You have left the property before the end of your tenancy
  • There are outstanding utility bills from the duration of your tenancy 

If when you move out you and your landlord/agent cannot agree on how much of your deposit should be returned, please refer to the deposit protection sheme you are under. Each scheme offers a free service which can help you resolve your dispute with the landlord/agent. 

Tenancy Deposit Schemes

If you have any issues or queries following the end of your tenancy please contact Living for advice.