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Finding the perfect student accommodation doesn’t have to be a chore. But it’s important to remember that there is more to consider than just the size of your bedroom and how close you’ll be to campus! Our series of safety shaun videos will help you avoid all the common mistakes thousands of students make each year when moving into their new student house.

Viewing a Property

There is a lot to consider when selecting a property and without preparation and understanding of these considerations tenants can end up living in unsuitable and sometimes unsafe conditions. This video covers key elements to consider such as budget, location, interior and exterior condition of the property and safety and security. 


Structural Problems

Structural damage to a property such as cracks, broken roof tiles and broken guttering and pipes can have both long and short term issues. It is important that tenants are aware of the repercussions of these issues, such as damp, and are aware of the steps to take if their property suffers such a problem.


Shared Accommodation

Sharing accommodation can allow tenants to save money and make friends; however disagreements between tenants can cause problems. This video covers tips on preventing disagreements and issues to work out soon after moving in such as bill payments, household chores and guests staying over.



Following basic security rules can help protect homes and possessions. This video gives tips and basic rules to help tenants keep their home secure


Hygiene and Food Safety

Food safety and hygiene can be a serious problem in rented accommodation. This video contains straightforward facts and reminders to encourage tenants to follow important food safety and hygiene rules.


Fire Safety

As people living in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire this video is crucial to remind tenants about fire safety. The video covers smoke alarms, tips for preventing common fires and the importance of creating a fire escape plan.


Minimising Trips and Falls

Falls are the most common accident in the home and are easily avoided. This video gives tips to minimise risks such as keeping stairs and walkways clear, ensuring ‘at risk’ areas are well lit and asking a landlord to replace uneven floors or worn carpets.


Electrical Safety and Faults

Over 30,000 domestic electrical accidents happen every year, this video gives tips and advice to help prevent electrical accidents. It covers overloading sockets, faulty wiring and leaving electrical devices unattended.



This video covers key problems relating to damp and condensation that often occur in rented properties and how to prevent them. It also covers rising and penetrative damp. The video emphasises responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant.


Accidents in the Home

This video covers collisions and accidents that can occur in the home involving internal and external glass, doors and low level ceilings around the home. The video also advises viewers about safety glass and the importance of ensuring that areas containing glass panels or low level ceilings or beams are well lit.


Cold - Heating and Insulation

With the rising heating costs and extreme winter conditions keeping a home warm can be difficult, especially for tenants in private rented accommodation. This video covers tips for keeping heating costs down, EPC, information about free or subsidised heating and insulation and landlord responsibilities.


Tenancy and Unfair Terms

This video highlights the importance of viewing and understanding a tenancy agreement and both tenant and landlord responsibilities.