Food and essentials

Even though you won’t be able to go out shopping while you self-isolate, we’ll make sure you get a quick delivery in case there’s no food at home right now. Then we’ll help you find different delivery options to keep you going. Read on to find out how to arrange deliveries.

Welcome box for January arrivals

If you're required to self-isolate upon arrival, you will be provided with up to 10 days accommodation free of charge (if you choose to arrive before the start of your contract date). You'll also be provided with a welcome box of essential food items to ensure that you have what they need for the first few days.

This box should keep you going in the short term, but you’ll need to arrange food deliveries after this. You can find information about making food arrangements further along this page.

For the latest guidance on travelling to the UK please visit the official UK Government website.

Food parcel for isolators

When you tell us that you are self-isolating, we will deliver you with a free box of groceries.

The grocery box will contain all of your essential staples including bread, milk, cereal and cupboard essentials. We provide same-day delivery if you let us know that you are self-isolating by 12pm.

On the form, you'll also be asked for your dietary requirements - we can cater for have vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher and gluten free.

This box should keep you going for a couple of days, but you’ll need to arrange food deliveries after this. Only one box will be provided. If you are a Meal Plan student, we will get in touch with additional options.

Making your food arrangements

Meal-preparation kits

These kits supply the ingredients to make a range of tasty, healthy meals,with full instructions. Refrigerate your leftovers for another day, or share withflatmates.

Need to know: you may need a few kitchen basics like cooking oil orseasoning to make these kits; add any extras that weren’t included in thisbox to a supermarket delivery. Some services ask you to sign up for a weeklysubscription – so remember to cancel if you don’t want a regular delivery.


Supermarket home delivery

Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, and kitchen basics like rice, cereal and tinned foods.

Need to know: you’ll need to register for an account online, then choose a delivery day and time.

Plan ahead: at busy times there won’t be many deliveries available, so it’s a good idea to get your shopping lists together and order as a flat.

Suggested Recipes

To help you eat well, we’ve put together some suggested, simple recipes. These can be made easily with items that are readily available from any supermarket or grocery store.

Suggested recipes