Student Team podcasts

We found our Student Team a recording studio, gave them some ideas and left them to it... hear what they think about student life, studying at Birmingham and everything in between in their Word On Campus series.


"Never be afraid to ask stupid questions"

with Lucy and Courteney

"Pasta and baked beans?!"

with Hannah and George

"I am an expert in Birmingham cakes"

with Rumali and Beth

"I didn't really know what University was!"

with Eaad and Hannah

"My go-to study playlist is the soundtrack from Chicken Run"

with Eaad, Carter, Harvey and Freddie

    "Measure your day with how happy you are and you be you"

with Eve, Rachel and Rumali 

"Unnecessary pressure is not cute"

with Carter, Freddie and Rumali 


"How to win at uni... check your e-mails!"

with Eaad, Molly and Sophie 

"Don't think you need to have it all figured out"

with Harvey, Molly and Sophie

"Make sure you know how to cook"

with Eaad and Rachel