Access to Birmingham Module FAQs

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about A2B modules, including the academic assignment and Skills4Uni

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about A2B application and offers.

If you cannot find the answer to your question contact the A2B team who will be happy to assits you with your query. Students should include their home postcode and their current school/college in the subject line of their email enquiry.

When will I be contacted about the compulsory A2B Preparation Day?

Once you have been given an A2B offer you will be invited to a visit day. The preparation days run from January to July. 

I am applying for Medicine/Dentistry/Physiotherapy/Nursing/Social Work how do I arrange a practice interview?

Once we have received your application we will invite you to a practice interview.

When will I receive the skills4uni online module log in details?

Your online module details including your password will be emailed to you in February.  

I am having problems loading the A2B online module skills4uni website, how can I access it?

This may be because you have pop ups blocked on your computer. The skills4uni module opens in a separate window so make sure you click on the taskbar at the top of the page to allow pop ups. If this doesn’t work then try and access the module from your school or college computer, or you could arrange to come to the University of Birmingham to complete the module. 

What happens if I don’t get over 75% in the online module?

If you do not achieve over 75% (30/40) in the online module then as long as you attend a preparation day and pass the academic assignment then your A2B offer will still be available to you. If you don’t achieve 75% in the module then you won’t be eligible for the A2B scholarship and bursary. 

Do I have to use all three attempts on the online module assessment?

No, you don’t have to use all three attempts on the online module assessment. If you pass the assessment on your first attempt (75% or higher) then you don’t need to complete the other two attempts. 

Do I have to do all three attempts of the online module in one sitting?

No, you don’t have to complete the tests straight after each other. If you don’t pass on the first attempt you could take another week to look through the module and then complete the second attempt, as long as it is completed by the deadline date at the end of May. 

When will I receive the A2B assignment?

If you have chosen your A2B offer as your firm choice then we will send you details of your academic assignment once your summer exams have finished at the end of Year 13. You will access the assignment details at with the same password you were provided for the online study skills module.  

I have been accepted on to A2B, but I will be on holiday when the academic assignment is due to be completed, what should I do?

The academic assignment is set at the end of June when A Level exams have finished and the deadline is normally mid-July, so please don’t book a holiday until the end of July. 

When will I find out if I have passed the A2B module, including the assignment?

We will notify you in early August before exam results are published nationally if you have successfully passed the A2B module. You will also receive feedback on your academic assignment. 


What happens if I don’t pass the A2B assignment?

If you do not pass the assignment then you will be unable to take up your A2B offer. However, this will have no effect on your standard offer which you will still be able to take up should you meet the necessary conditions.