Meet the A2B Team

The A2B team will be beside your side all the way through your Year 13 journey to higher education. Whilst the team look forward to meeting you at careers fairs, open days, A2B events etc, here's an opportunity to meet the A2B team virtually!

Feel free to contact any member of the team for updates on your A2B applications or find out more information about the programme.

Rebecca Clark, Outreach Manager

E-mail Rebecca

Likes: running, eggs and Game of Thrones

Dislikes: custard, rain and PG Tips


Lucy Hall, Outreach Officer

E-mail Lucy

Likes: Strictly Come Dancing, going to the gym and marmite

Dislikes: tomatoes, sprouts and traffic


Clare O'Driscoll, Outreach Officer

E-mail Clare

Likes: tennis, romantic comedies and travelling 

Dislikes: peanut butter, lukewarm tea and horror films


Alice McGowan, Assistant Outreach Officer 

E-mail Alice

Likes: Love Island, Mine Aero and netball

Dislikes: horror films, ironing and raw tomatoes


Jess Beider, Assistant Outreach Officer 

E-mail Jess

Likes: cooking programmes, coffee and 1xtra

Dislikes: rain, reading maps and sprouts 


Ellie Hinds, Assistant Outreach Officer 

E-mail Ellie

Likes: travelling, netball and dogs 

Dislikes: dark mornings, spicy food and delayed trains


Andrew Hunter, Assistant Outreach Officer 

E-mail Andrew 

Likes: football, Game of Thrones and travelling

Dislikes: mushrooms, rush hour traffic and snakes


Janet Hadley, A2B Administrator

E-mail Janet

Likes: football, reading and fruit pastilles

Dislikes: cheese, traffic jams and golf