Pathways to Birmingham Accommodation Award

The Pathways to Birmingham Accommodation Award has been generously donated to support successful students with their accommodation costs. Each year, two students receive a £5,000 bursary which goes towards either university accommodation costs or the cost of commuting.

The aim of these awards is to enable two A2B students to live in university-owned accommodation when they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to do so. As such, we will be selecting the successful applicants before the deadline to apply for the Accommodation Guarantee Scheme, which is 31 May 2019. Please note this bursary cannot be used to pay for privately owned accommodation, including those you can apply to through the University, and is for one year only.

If your application is successful, receiving the bursary will be conditional upon verification or completion of the following:

  • Eligibility for A2B (we will cross-reference this form with your A2B application to verify this)
  • A supporting statement provided by your school’s A2B coordinator (the A2B Team will contact them for this)
  • Hold an offer to study at the University of Birmingham from September 2019 (deferred entry is not eligible)
  • Make the University of Birmingham your firm choice on UCAS
  • Pass the A2B programme (including Skills4Uni and Academic Assignment)
  • Apply for University-owned accommodation through the Accommodation Guarantee Scheme

When allocating the awards, priority will be given to students who face barriers in accessing university accommodation and are from less advantaged backgrounds.

Applications for this award must be received by 5pm on Friday 12 April 2019. The successful applicants will be notified by 17 May 2019.

Please note that students from a care background they will be entitled to a priority award in any case, see here for more information.


Testimony from a previous award winner

David is studying BA English, and completed A2B in 2016/17. He received the A2B Accommodation Award in 2017 and speaks below about the impact it had on his University experience:

 “The accommodation bursary was amazing to receive as it meant that I was able to financially afford to live in halls. Although I receive a higher maintenance loan, due to my low-household income, I was a bit worried that I would not be able to afford to fully immerse myself in student life, as I would have a very tight weekly budget, especially as I would not be able to receive any financial help from my parents, unlike other students. However, the award made life so much easier as I could afford my top choice accommodation (Mason) while truly experiencing student life.

This meant that I was able to join all the societies I would not otherwise be able to afford and attend their social events, such as the BEDSoc Ball and BEDSoc Abroad to Prague! Without the award, I would definitely not be able to budget for these events, so, the award was such a great help in broadening my horizons and student experiences (as I had only been abroad once), and, as a result, I was able to make friends with so many people.

Due to the extremely generous bursary, university life has been made much more relaxed and easier continuing into my second year as I can afford to live in a house and pay bills worry-free, as well as joining even more sports societies, like Triathlon and Cool Runnings! Also, the bursary has allowed me to have the confidence of being able to financially afford to study abroad, and, due to this, I found out yesterday that I will be moving to California for 2019/2020! Ultimately, the bursary has allowed me to fully immerse myself in student life, in both Birmingham and abroad, which I definitely would not have been able to afford at all without it, and has continued to make my entire university life so much easier and enjoyable!”