Birmingham Link (BLINK)

Blink 2Our Birmingham Link (BLINK) programme is designed to support year 12 students who are interested in applying to Russell Group universities. It aims to inspire and motivate students to achieve their full potential, and enable them to make a successful transition from KS4 to KS5.

The programme focuses on raising awareness and aspiration to study at a research intensive institution such as the University of Birmingham. 

The programme includes two events held on the University campus. These include expert-led study skills workshops to improve examination performance and a stress management and motivation session. 

Participants also benefit from advice on how to strengthen university applications, and will gain study support from our current students through a private Facebook group. Note that both events are held outside of school term time so students must be committed to attending these in their own time. 

What do students think?

Feedback from pupils who took part last year

“The programme made me feel more comfortable about applying to university”
“Taking part provided me with revision techniques I would never otherwise have used”
“The support made me feel confident going into exams”


Entry Criteria

The Birmingham Link programme is suitable for Year 12 students who have a strong commitment to study at the University of Birmingham and who are studying A Level, IB or a relevant BTEC course. Applications are open to students who meet the following Access to Birmingham (A2B) criteria:

  • Parents have no experience of higher education in the UK or abroad
  • Main income earners in the household are not in professional occupations, e.g. not teachers, doctors, solicitors or similar
  • Annual household income is £42,600 or less
  • Home postcode is in an area with low levels of progression to higher education
  • Attend a non-selective state school or college which is a partner in the A2B scheme. If students are in the sixth form at a selective state school (such as a grammar school) we will take into account the context in which they achieved their GCSEs
  • We welcome applications from students who have been a looked after child in local authority care for more than three months since the age of 14 without meeting the above criteria (as long as they are studying at a partner school or college).
You can use the following 'Postcode Checker' to give you an idea of eligible postcodes. Normally we would expect quintiles 1 - 3 as shown on the checker to indicate A2B eligibility.

Frequently asked questions

Q) Is it essential to participate in BLINK if you wish to apply via Access to Birmingham in year 13?

A) No, although many students find it useful to participate in BLINK if they wish to apply via A2B, it is not essential.

Q) Do you have to attend both Birmingham Link events if you wish to participate in the programme?

A) Yes, students who are accepted on Birmingham Link must be committed to participate in all parts of the programme, including the two compulsory events held at the University of Birmingham. So please check the dates on the application form and make sure you are able to attend all events before you submit an application.

Contact Us

Applications for the Birmingham Link programme have closed for 2017/18 - congratulations to all students who have been offered a place. If you have questions about the programme, do get in touch by email.