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The UKWPMED scheme is an exciting new opportunity for medicine applicants part of our Routes to Professions programme.

Birmingham Medical School is collaborating with a number of other medical schools to enhance the opportunity for medicine applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scheme is called UKWPMED and is open to successful graduates of widening participation programmes at each of the medical schools in the scheme.

This means that if you complete the University of Birmingham's Routes to the Professions (R2P) Medicine Stream successfully you will receive significant advantage if you apply to any of the additional medical schools that are part of UKWPMED (not just Birmingham).


The benefits you receive in the selection process will be the same as those provided to successful graduates of the local widening participation programme (at each of your chosen medical schools who are part of UKWPMED). If you apply to a medical school that is not participating in the UKWPMED scheme, you will receive no benefit additional to that of other applicants.

The particular benefits of applying to UKWPMED medical schools will generally be similar but may not be identical.

At Birmingham, if you meet the relevant criteria, you are guaranteed an interview. If you are made an offer, it is two grades lower than the standard offer.

Participating medical schools

The list below identifies the UKWPMED medical schools and provides links to their widening participation programme wepages. These webpages outline the benefits you will receive if you apply to their medical schools as part of the UKWPMED scheme.


In its present form, the UKWPMED scheme is open only to students who apply via UCAS to study medicine in the 2020-21 application cycle and have commenced Year 13 for the first time.

How to apply

To receive the benefits of UKWPMED, you must apply to one or more of these medical schools.

You must include UKWPMED in the relevant section of your UCAS application. Read the guidance on this in UKWPMED Scheme Guidance 2020-21 (PDF - 138KB). We will also contact you with further guidance as part of your Routes to the Professions programme.

Please note that we may ask you to inform each UKWPMED medical school that you have applied to them.

It is important to be aware that we will confirm with each UKWPMED medical school that you are eligible to be considered via the scheme.

Further information

For more information please read the UKWPMED Scheme Guidance 2020-21 (PDF - 138KB).

Contact us

If you have any questions about the UKWPMED scheme, please email