The Student Charter

The Student Charter sets out the general principles of the partnership between students, the University of Birmingham and the Guild of Students. It applies to all registered students of the University following taught or research programmes, whether studying on or off campus.

Professor Sir David Eastwood (Vice-Chancellor) and Ellie Keiller (President of the Guild of Students, 2016-17)

“As a statement of mutual expectations and aspirations, the Student Charter provides a framework that allows the creation of an environment in which enquiry, research, learning and personal development can flourish. By undertaking the responsibilities within the Student Charter we can all contribute to, and take pride in, the ongoing development of a vibrant and confident student community.”

The Student Charter

Student responsibilities

All students have a responsibility to:

  • Make the most of their programme of study, their University experience and the other opportunities that the University and the Guild of Students have to offer. 
  • Engage in the Student Representation System and to work collaboratively with the University to help shape their experience.
  • Treat all members of the University community with respect. 
  • Represent the University as responsible ambassadors through their good conduct on and off campus and ensure their actions have a positive impact on the University and the local and wider community. 
  • Participate in the University’s culture of learning which is based upon critical enquiry, debate and self-motivation. 
  • Pursue their academic and professional studies in a diligent, honest and responsible manner. 
  • Engage with the University in formulating their own education and career goals and monitor their progress towards these goals. 
  • Engage with University initiatives to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Comply with the University’s policies and procedures.
  • Seek appropriate support and guidance by asking for help when they feel it is needed.
  • Ensure they are well informed about their responsibilities and rights as a student.

University responsibilities

The University has a responsibility to ensure all students:

  • Can learn within a framework that facilitates their active learning and helps them achieve the outcomes of their programme of study. 
  • Can make use of appropriate learning resources and support so that they can take responsibility for their own learning, and improve their knowledge, understanding, career development, skills and competencies. 
  • Have opportunities to provide feedback that enable the University to invest in understanding and considering their needs. 
  • Will have a personal tutor/supervisor, who will provide regular opportunities to discuss academic assessment, progress and personal development. 
  • Can receive effective and timely feedback on their academic work. 
  • Can enjoy a safe place on campus in which to work, live and study and which considers the impact of its activities on the environment and on the local community. 
  • Can access professional welfare services which are designed to support all students. 
  • Can benefit from a range of sport and recreational opportunities on campus to improve their overall wellbeing. 
  • Can obtain clear information on University fees and have access to advice and guidance about student loans, hardship funds and other student funding. 
  • Can express and debate their views freely within the law. 
  • Can participate in the Student Representation System and work collaboratively with the University to help shape their experience. 
  • Can obtain information on professional and regulatory requirements relevant to their programme of study.

Guild of Students responsibilities

The Guild of Students has a responsibility to:

  • As a student led organisation, be the recognised voice of the student body, and campaign on their behalf. 
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable space for members and offer opportunities for getting involved in societies, student groups, volunteering and safe employment to promote personal development. 
  • Welcome new and returning students to the University of Birmingham and support them in their transition to, through and from university. 
  • Promote the importance of personal safety and wellbeing. 
  • Strive to improve the quality of life of students and their integration with the local community. 
  • Give access to free advice on academic, finance, housing, immigration and employment issues. 
  • Offer support to students in formal University procedures. 
  • Hold free and fair elections within a democratic structure. 
  • Maintain a constructive relationship with the University of Birmingham, inputting into decisions that affect students. 
  • Represent the views of the Student Community to the University.
  • Conduct business in line with ethical practices and strive to improve services in an open and transparent manner on a continual basis. 
  • Use resources responsibly in the interest of students and re-invest student spending back into Guild services.

 * The University terms this ‘reasonable diligence’

** For students studying at the University's overseas campus the responsibilities of the Guild of Students will be undertaken through the appropriate local student representation system.

***In the case of PGR programmes


This Student Charter applies to students who commenced their studies in 2017-18 or before.

The current Student Charter and links to previous years' Student Charters can be found on the main page: Student Charter.

Student engagement

Student engagement is defined as the range of ways in which students are active participants in shaping their learning experience. The University takes deliberate steps to engage all our students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience.


If you have any comments, feedback or questions regarding the Student Charter please contact Student Services.

Annual review

The Student Charter will be reviewed annually by the University Education Committee, which includes representation from the Guild of Students.


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