Eukaryotic Gene Expression

The central processes in gene expression are transcription and translation. Control of gene expression plays an important role in development, homeostasis and disease. 


  • BSc Biochemistry, BSc Medical Biochemistry, BSc Biological Sciences, BSc Human Biology


Final Year

20 Credits

Regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes is essential for development and physiological function in health and disease. The undoubted complexity of multicellular organisms arises from the differential expression of the genetic material, which is essentially the same in all cells. What makes humans different to other mammals is not major difference in gene content, but differences in the expression of homologous genes.

The module will initially cover generic features of the transcription machinery, the role of regulatory proteins in controlling gene transcription and the importance of chromatin structure. This will lead into a more detailed analysis of the control of gene transcription and its role in development, health and disease.


Lectures, workshops, guided independent study