Genetics 1

Storage of genetic information, gene expression and regulation, mitosis and meiosis, gene linkage and chromosome mapping.


  • BSc Biochemistry, BSc Biological Sciences, BSc Human Biology


Year One

20 Credits

You will receive a comprehensive introduction to modern both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organsisms, including humans. This module will cover molecular genetics (the study of the physico-chemical nature of genes and how they work) and transmission genetics (the study of how genes and the characters they determine are shuffled into new combinations and passed from individual to individual). The topics that will be covered will include: information, how it is stored, transmitted, and translated; the regulation of gene expression; the genetics of bacteria and viruses; the cell cycle in eukaryotes and its regulation; mitosis and meiosis; gene linkage and chromosome mapping; DNA damage and mutation.

Basic principles will be illustrated in practical classes and considerable attention will be given to solving problems in transmission genetics.